Tough day, super horny

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In the past six weeks I've watched a total of about 5 minutes of porn once about three weeks ago. Today is 10 days without orgasm but I'm super horny and I've been playing with myself on and off all day. I've lasted to day 10 only one other time in these six weeks so it's important I get though today and into new-ish territory. I've been to 22 days but it's been months since, and not since I've been back in school. In the past couple days I've had some really nice interactions with girls and I've noticed my sad longing for certain girls falling away and being replaced with an easy excitement around goofy, happy girls that seem more my type. I'd like to experience that 50 or 80 day magic that jake and satz have talked about, and porn is pretty much gone, but I still get super horny and tend to edge and eventually lose it. I dunno, graham crackers?

BTW, I tried an experiment a couple months ago wherein I watched a lot of porn and edged without orgasm for 21 days. When I finally released it was without porn. For the next couple weeks I had TERRIBLE withdrawal. So there's a lesson for you.


Good to hear from you

You sound really chipper. Hope you get to snuggle up soon.

Thanks for reporting your edging experience. I'll add it to YBOP. I have a feeling that's a lesson most visitors are going to have to learn the hard way. Telepathy just did too. Internet erotica is just damned enticing. It's hard to let go of, but hopefully you'll soon have something better. [blinzel]