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I just thought I would check in with the week that has been.

After seeing my girlfriend last weekend and having done mixed results with ED, probably due to anxiety more than anything, we saw each other again on Tuesday night. To my surprise everything worked out pretty well in the bedroom. We varied out pace between slow and fast, I started to lose it a bit a couple times but took it slower and it came back really quick. I didn't O but I didn't want to and didn't really need to. Everything else was so good anyway! I went into bed without thinking about performance and had no anxiety so I think that is becoming the defining factor to my ED issues now and hopefully ill get through that with more positive experiences.

After that, I haven't had a chaser effect but I've been pretty horny. Just craving that same feeling I had that night again and probably wanting a bit of a release but definitely not to P.

Ive been avoiding all fantasy and erotic images as much as I can. I had a bit of a scare though. A shock really.. Christmas is coming up and I was thinking of getting my lady something sexy for the bedroom, just some nice lingerie. So I went to research what to get and well as you may have assumed, the first site I found had sexy pic right there lol. I think I might have to think of other ideas for Christmas or find another way of finding something for her.

Anyway apart from that everything has been ok. Good even! Ive had a cold or something recently so I haven't felt my best but hopefully that will be gone soon. Ill just have to take it easy I think.

Thanks for reading!


Smokey- Brother, that is so


Brother, that is so , so good.

You realize your time with your lady qualifies as "karezza", I wrote the other day about "accidental karezza".

Do you find making love without having O as your focus a very surprising, powerful and wonderful experience? I sure did. The whole aspect of being so into a beautiful woman, I mean all intertwined but not just grunting and pounding. Wow, I mean I think there is room for all kinds of lovemaking but the experience has really opened my eyes.

Lingerie shopping would be hard (pun intended) without having to view so much visual, I used to like going into the lingerie stores and having a pretty sales girl "help" me pick something for my wife, kind of innocent flirting and fun. Maybe try that.

Stay well
your friend

Yes, I just read your post!

Yes, I just read your post! It's really nice just to enjoy the moment and the intimacy with a beautiful lady without this shadow of performance or "achieving orgasm". I really enjoyed it. It felt like more than "just sex", which is wonderful because I want more than "just sex" with this girl.

That sounds like a bit of fun actually. Maybe ill try that! I am still quite shy though, and a womens lingerie shop might make me awkward.. Only one way to find out though lol