My secret weapon, and a big success

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Today I'm at 6 weeks without porn (except for 5 minutes 3 weeks ago) and 14 days without masturbation to orgasm.
My new profile pic is a shot of my chart from week 6. This is my first week to accomplish everything I set out to. [blinzel]

The top row is my 10 minute morning meditation.
The second is exercise. R, Y, B for running, yoga or boxing. After some trial and error I added the rest days because I found over exertion to be a trigger.
The third row is abstinence from PO. I've found that I can give myself an occasional rub and still maintain control.
The fourth row is my 10 minute meditation before bed.

I get out a ruler and draw up a chart at the beginning of each week then I keep it next to my bed and check off things as I go through the day. A big advantage is that it's kept me accountable day to day and I can also see the ripple effects when I miss one of my goals. I've also figured out my percentage score at the end of each week to mark my progress.

Week 1 52%
Week 2 88%
Week 3 80%
Week 4 68%
Week 5 60%
Week 6 100%

Week 4 was a nightmare of withdrawal but I pressed through thanks to the presence of the chart and this last week has been magical with incredible gains both musically and socially. Coincidentally, the next 6 weeks end on December 31 and I'm aiming for scores in the 90's every week and since I started down this road in January I'd like to think that after a year of struggle (and amazing growth) I can start 2012 completely cured and never look back.

Good luck, hope this helps


Well done!

Really interested to hear you say over exertion was a stimulus. I normally train quite hard but I have not been able to, due to an injury and some illness, for a good few weeks. This coincides with me getting on top of my addiction.
It's made me think I will have to be very careful when I get back into it all.

I guess the percentage is

I guess the percentage is the number of planned activities that he completed in a week. So if he does all the meditation, trainingsessions, etc. he's at 100%.

I like the idea. So far I've used a chart only once and that was during my third attempt and it was for crossing off the days. A complete chart like this may yield more benefits. A structured daily routine may be very useful here. I would also list my study activities in it as I find it hard to pick up my studying after months of working..

Hmm I think I'll give this a shot, thanks for inspiring me MrCrowley :) And big respect for making 6 weeks!

Thebeg has it right

I end up with 25 squares per week after blocking out the three rest days from exercise so each task is 4%. I weight abstinence the same as mediation and exercise which is nice because if I go off for a day it's just one task of 3 or 4 so there's less guilt/wallowing and it's easier to get back on track. I add up all my checks at the end of the week and multiply by 4. Then I can give myself a B+ or whatever. :)

You've got me inspired!

Loving the idea of a weekly chart system! A lot less daunting than a monthly/never ending one - but they build up none the less. Off to make myself one now...

Well done with the PMO stuff too - you're doing great!

Hugs, Kat


Our webmaster is finally revving up for the changes here and we've been talking about a system people could use to track progress in their blogs. I'll share this with him just in case.