5 weeks down....

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So I'm happy to have hit the 5 week mark with no PMO'ING, edging, or fantasy.

At the end of week 2 I came close to caving but managed to dismiss my urges. Since then its been smooth sailing.

I'm still in a LONG flatline. Since I started my sex drive and penis took a vacation to parts unknown. I don't really mind since it makes not PMO'ING effortless. No urges equal no temptation.

My mood has been good and my energy levels are higher. I require less sleep and am more awake during the day. I feel more confident and comfortable in all situations.

For a short time I was getting semi-wood in the mornings. I don't think I've had any just recently. I have not had a single erection besides that.

Last night I had a porn related dream. In the dream I was aware of my not watching porn anymore, but in my dream I was weaker then in real life. I was watching some scene, which included acts that really got me going. Then I kept looking for more of the same thing.

I didn't wake up until morning and was glad that it was a dream and I didn't break the pact I made with myself. Than I thought, how sad. My sex dreams aren't even of me having sex, they're of me watching porn.

This really drove home the idea that my brain really has been wired to associate sex with viewing porn instead of actual women.

I'm shocked that my underwear didn't require changing.

Could this dream be a sign that my sex drive may be resurfacing?

I'm not really sure what to make of it.


I don't either

but I'm sure your brain *is* rewiring. Just taking its own sweet time. Glad you're staying focused on the positive benefits while it finishes the job.

Seems familiar

I have also had dreams in which I looked at P. But now they a changing and dissapearing. No wet dream even if O was felt is also experienced by me - these were the changing sign - later I started to dream normal dreams - not with sex but with women and communicating and stroking, hugging :D

So everything is going just fine (;

Best wishes,

I look forward to normal

I look forward to normal dreams.

I'm having a lot of them lately, and not all of them good.

They're not nightmares, they're what I call stress dreams. Tons of things take place which I can't control and cause me stress. I can't get where I need to to or accomplish what I need to do.

I wake up relieved that none of it happened.