♥Taoist methods of Dr. Stephen T. Chang?

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Hello all,

I discovered this site not long ago and it resonates very much with my feeling of what the experience of sexuality should be. Thank you!

A question has been with me for some time: has anyone had any experience, or does anyone know anyone who has, with the Taoist methods explained in Dr. Stephen T. Chang's book "The Tao of Sexology"?

Mantak Chia's books are more well-known, and there is a wide network of teachers of these methods throughout the world, and very many people who practice the techniques. But although Dr. Chang's book is also relatively well-known, I have been totally unable to find any accounts of anyone who has practiced the methods described in it (other than the Deer Exercise, which is practiced alone for strengthening the sexual system). And there don't seem to be any teachers, as far as I can tell.

My conclusion about Chia's methods is that if one is going to learn them, it is necessary to so with the guidance of a competent teacher, otherwise there is a risk of harming or injuring oneself. I also agree that the spirit of his writings (from those I have read) is to some extent technique/performance-oriented, which is not what inspires me.

I find that the methods described in Dr. Chang's book are more in the spirit of this website: above all about loving union, the techniques being a means to this end.

Has anyone practiced these methods? And above all, are they safe to practice without direct instruction from a teacher? I would be grateful for any testimonials, reflections, or references.

With many thanks in advance,


Chang's methods and Karezza

Here is an excerpt I found that mentions one of the Taoist methods described by Chang in his book. It seems that this is very similar to Karezza?

Taoist teacher Stephen Chang recommends that couples practice the "Morning and Evening Prayer" for at least 2 to 10 minutes, twice a day. Every morning and evening, partners are to lie together in the missionary position, lips touching, with arms and legs wrapped around each others' bodies and the man inside the woman. The couple breathes together in a peaceful, relaxed state, with the man moving only enough to maintain his erection. "The couple enjoys and shares the feelings derived from such closeness or stillness for as long as they desire," writes Chang, who notes that orgasm sometimes follows without any movement. "Man and woman melt together, laying aside their egos to exchange energies to heal each other."

It does indeed

Thanks for sharing that. I remember the "morning prayer" concept, but I had forgotten it came from Chang. So simple, so powerful.

Have you tried the ideas?