Full orgasm versus ruined orgasm

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I am fairly sure ruined orgasm refers to act of removing all physical stimulation from penis at the point of orgasm, such that ejaculation still occurs but without any contact the accomanying orgasm is somewhat less satisfying.

For some people ruined orgasm is a BSDM-like activity, but a few years ago myself and an (ex) partner went through a period whereby I would always withdraw from her before reaching orgasm, and many a time my ejaculation/orgasm were effectively ruined because of the lack of physical contact on my penis.

During this time I may have misunderstood why such withdrawals picked our sex life up, and negelected the possibilty these ruined orgasms had fewer side effects on me than a 'full' orgasm, thus I was always keener for more through a better balance.

OK, I know a ruined orgasm isnt 100% karazza but how does it compare as a substitue with either a partner or while trying to break the PMO cycles? Any thoughts or similar experiences?


is not about "ruining" orgasms. Smile It's about making love gently without the goal of orgasm...which still happens occasionally.

It seems like you may be asking whether less intense orgasm is helpful during a reboot. I think Darryl says the "three-finger method" of stopping ejaculation (Daoist lovemaking technique) seems to result in less of a "chaser" or "hangover," so maybe the answer is "yes." I don't really know.