Day 57 Sex twice

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Well today is day 57 or if you want to remove the slip-up that lasted a week, then it'd be day 174 of no porn.
I can honestly say now that porn really is the problem with relationships nowadays. Connecting with my girlfriend took a little over a month, but time flew so fast because I was enjoying it the whole time. Little things Holding hands, taking Sunday Strolls, staring into her eyes, kissing her forehead and just holding a girl never crossed my mind as pleasurable before. When you're masturbating every day whether it be with or without porn, you really do relinquish your innate ability to connect with the opposite sex. I am 100% sure of this now. Before I went 100 days and still had some doubt about giving up porn, but now it doesn't even cross my mind as a serious activity. It's a joke entirely. Some people really do just need some more time than others, and if one does relapse then time is cumulative. Be patient.

As far as sex goes. I'm reluctant to talk about it because it's my girlfriend who I really care about. I was even questioning whether I should have sex with her or wait a little. The only reason I agreed to it is because I found out that she also wanted to wait because she cared about me. Naturally I took it slowly, and we were holding each other for a long time before we decided to do it. I really wish that everyone here could have not only successful sex, but a passionate exchange between two people who care about each other. We even continued to cuddle after we were done.(Both times) I really couldn't be happier about my first time, and this will likely be my last post. Surprisingly though, I didn't ejaculate in 2 minutes as I did 2 months ago via masturbation.(That was day 69 of my first reboot attempt) No chaser as of yet, and I think it's because of all the cuddling we did after sex. I actually feel great right now just a little tired physically.

Be patient guys, and I bid you farewell.

"Every touch a temptation, and for every sense a sensation." Steve Conte


*sniffle, sniffle*

I think you are fully restored and it is only right for your time here to come to an end. You have developed the confidence to lose sight of the shore; I wish you maximal enjoyment of all of the new oceans you discover with your girl. Goodbye, Captain Falcon!

Congrats man

It is really nice to read about your success and the wonderful relationship you're building with your girl. I hope that I can post a similar blog entry in the coming months. Be well.

Captain Falcon! Been

Captain Falcon! Been following you for a while! Im so happy that you recovered and now without this PMO you are sure to have a bright future and handle any adversities that come your way! Happy living bro!

Great man, just great. I'm

Great man, just great. I'm on day 68 now... hope everything goes out well.

'A man gives up his personality ... when he uses himself merely as a means for the gratification of an animal drive'. -Immanuel Kant.