First healthy M experiment during reboot (77 days)

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Today is day 77 of my reboot. I've completed my first goal, which was a succesfull 60 day PMO abstinence.
Everything really went fairly smooth so far, however I was planning on adding 30 days to the reboot to see if anything could improve further.

Last week I became curious about trying out a healthy masturbation though. I knew it was a risky case, and I was anxious that I would ruin my wonderful reboot. But after successfully coping with a lot of masturbation urges the last months, I was thinking of just consciously trying out a healthy one this time.

So today I changed plans and decided to experiment, since I was dealing with some strong erections lately.

In contrast to my early masturbation behaviour, I did it all in a slow and relaxed way and used minimal fantasy, about a girl I know.
As expected, it didn't take long. Smile But surprisingly, there was no 'blast' or super orgasm. It didn't feel as intense as it used to, and the release was plenty but not as big as expected (I think there's some sort of negative feedback mechanism going on that prevents any overproduction of semen).
But most importantly, it felt good and healthy. Just right at the time.

So far no hangover feeling. I don't expect any major repercussions on my reboot, if there are at all. I really hope not, because I'm really feeling comfortable with myself these days! But I guard against any urges or binge-like behaviour now.

I feel like I can easily go without any more masturbation for another month. It feels natural, the mind doesn't seem to focus on sexual thoughts right now.
I'll see how this feeling progresses the coming hours and days...

I don't feel like I'm fully rebooted yet (maybe more like 88% Lol I do have control over my sexual behaviour now, and I've seen many beautiful improvements in different aspect of my life. I just have to deal with random porn related fantasies more. I can put them off now, but it can all go more efficiently, so eventually they stop popping up.

Of course, this whole experience is very personal. There is great general advice out there for everyone, but this issue has to be handled in a personal approach. You have to decide for yourself when you're ready for something like this, no matter how long it takes.

And although I would've felt happier if my first orgasm was in the company of a beautiful girl, I'm glad I did this insecure experiment for myself, just to see now that this reboot is really working.

For now, another 30 days PMO free. RIGHT ON!

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for the kind response!
I read your blog entries. The best of luck to both of you! Although it's not so much luck, but mainly self-control and self-discipline. I recently found some inspiring words for whatever you're working on in your life:

"Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not." (Elbert Hubbard)

"The good news is that the more you discipline yourself to persist on a major task, the more you like and respect yourself, and the higher is your self-esteem. And the more you like and respect yourself, the easier it is for you to descipline yourself to persist even more.
You place yourself on an ascending spiral of personal effectiveness on which your future is absolutely guaranteed." (Brian Tracy)

I just stumbled upon some porn vids on my hard drive. Forgot they were still there, haha. Having not used them for a long while, I immediately trashed them.
10gb extra free hard drive space, brilliant! Smile
Damn sobering in the meantime though...

Sounds like

another rebooting account is in order. Congratulations!

Figuring out the "re-entry" into occasional masturbation is always tricky, but it sounds like you timed things well.

My thought is that orgasm without porn is not going to seem as intense for a while, because you can't edge to build things up. That's okay, though, because the less intense the orgasm, the less the hangover. (The higher your dopamine goes, the more likely your brain is to down regulate for a while.)

However, great orgasms are in your future. It's just that you'll have to learn how to create them with a partner. That way you get a lot of other neurochemical pleasure chemicals. The result is more deeply satisfying...once your brain wires to the new option.

Any dating prospects around? Smile Even a cuddle buddy would be good.

somedaysomeday, you give me

somedaysomeday, you give me hope from what you wrote. I suffer from the same problem you do, that is porn escalation to wierd stuff such as gay porn and tranny porn. I am trying to reboot. But I have not met the success you have. Thank you for posting! I would like to hear more of your experience, so I can learn from them!