Day 1 - Embarking on the journey of no PMO

Submitted by buck on
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I am a 21-year old man who has been masturbating with porn since the age of 11.

For the last few years of my life, I felt as though I have lived in a constant state of mental-haze, and have also suffered from an inability to focus. I have not had any desire to seek intimate relations with women, and have found my taste in porn slowly gravitating towards transexual porn <--- something that I know is inconsistent with my natural desires.

I initially attributed this mental sluggishness to my occasional marijuana use, but after discovering this website, I am now certain that it is my daily porn/masturbation habit that is the cause of this. I will update this page and share my experiences, hopefully adding something unique to the wealth of knowledge that we have on the benefits of no PMO

I also plan to quit smoking cigs and weed in this timeframe, I don't know how that will affect my PMO rebooting, but it should be an interesting period indeed.


I've looked at the withdrawal symptoms and tips, I'm excited to see how rebooting can change my perception of reality and daily mood

Weed and cigarettes

Don't forget that when you give up weed and cigarettes you'll have more of a budget to do things you'd really like with your new time! Do a bit of math and see exactly how much you'll save in a month just to give you an idea. :)


I relapsed after a mere two day break, but I am going to give this another shot. I have gone 2 days without PMO and I am certain that I will make it to 2 weeks this time. Thanks go to Marnia and Ajarnevan for the comments and support