Paging Gary: prolactin hangover from orgasm + ejaculation > orgasm or ejaculation alone?

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I heard something that doesn't make sense, but I figured I'd post so that if anyone hears something similar, the correct information will be here. I heard that the prolactin induced hangover is greatest when orgasm and ejaculation come together, but almost imperceptible when orgasm or ejaculation are separate. I can perhaps see how ejaculation without orgasm wouldn't do much neurochemically, but I don't see how orgasm without ejaculation is neurochemically distinct from orgasm with ejaculation. Of course, things could change if one is referring to different forms of orgasm that are perhaps not what one commonly considers orgasm.

Orgasm and ejaculation occur

Orgasm and ejaculation occur together for most men, as was the case in the few human studies. Only ejaculation is measured in male rats. So there's no answer to your question. One guy in a German study had several orgasms without prolactin elevation, so I assume they meant ejaculations.

Females do not have ejaculations (please don't go there), and prolactin rises in them. Female rats only need stimulation to have prolactin released