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Hi everyone

I'm a 27 year old guy. I discovered masturbation when I was 13 and did it excessively until I was 21 when I read David Deida's The Way of the Superior Man. In his book he briefly mentioned of sexual transmutation and how it can be beneficial to one's life. I experimented with this concept and discovered that when I went a few days without ejaculation I had more energy, motivation, drive and power. I liked the benefits, but I was never serious enough about it to abstain from masturbation for a prolong period of time. My longest streak is 8 days, which is nothing compared to what people on this forum have accomplished. Anyway here I am now, I think I'm at the point in my life where I can use some sexual transmutation to get my life out of a rut. I need the drive, energy, and motivation to achieve my goals. I'm sick of wasting my time and being too weak and lethargic to go after what I want. I'm hoping you guys might have some advice or personal experiences regarding this area? Thanks in advance.

Oh, and on a positive note I haven't ejaculated for six days and I do notice some improvements: quicker to make decisions, less procrastination, more confident, clearer thinking, stronger will, more energy.

Hi Aidan

It's very cool that you figured out for yourself that scratching the old itch can lead to too much of a good thing.

Guys here abstain for long periods because they're "rebooting" their brains - giving them a rest. You may not need to do that, since you may already be back in balance. (Lucky you.) Sounds like you may only need to figure out a masturbation schedule that works for you. Have you read this?

I'd also suggest you learn to masturbate without porn. For sensitive brains, it can be too much stimulation. See

Finally, have you checked out the energy circulation exercises? They can work really well for some guys. Having a partner can be even better. Especially if you train her not to exhaust your sexual energy. Wink For more, see "Karezza Korner" to the left.

Let me know if you want to blog. (If so and that is your real name, I need to change it for you.)

David Deida teaches Taoist

David Deida teaches Taoist method of semen retention. When I was around 28, I successfully mastered semen retention, i would masturbate regularly, but without ejaculation. Sometimes I didn't ejaculate for 1 month. Yes, you can feel at 2 weeks you face regain a glow, especially your eyes start to show life force. You will have more physical stamina, and your voice will deepen. You will become charismatic, people will love talking to you (to enjoy some of your life energy that you are exhibiting).

But one thing with semen retention is that it is very 'heaty' in energy. You may get symptoms such as piles, hemmoroids, pimples, boils. Need to drink more water. Also, beware of masturbating excessively, it could lead to stagnancy of energy in your perenium area between your testicles and anus. Good to do some meditation, or QiGong exercise to circulate the energy to other part of body.

More Sexual Transmutation

Hi Everyone

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since my last and only post. Hope everybody is doing well.

For the past 2 years I have been consciously practicing semen retention as a means of getting my life in order. My range is usually between 5-50 days, hitting the higher end as I gained more experience. When combined with psychology techniques such as CBT and exposure therapy semen retention has helped me overcome many personal issues stemming from a crummy childhood. Most notably I was able to cure my debilitating anxiety which had hindered and impeded most of my adolescence and adult life.

Anyway, now I feel ready to tackle my next challenge. I will be studying for and taking the CPA exam in the next couple of months. Hopefully determination, hard work and sexual transmutation will lead me to victory once again. Thanks for reading everyone.

P.S. I'm currently at day 16.

I Passed My First Section

The CPA Examination consists of four sections: BEC, AUD, REG and FAR. You need a score of 75 to pass and I scored 80 on BEC.

I'm back to day 1 as a result of a little celebration lol. Anyway it's time to get back to business with semen retention and tackle AUD which is scheduled for the beginning of April.