New Member - Query/Concern about reversing possible brain changes caused by porn

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Hi All

Hope you are well. I am brand new to this site. I am a 27yo and was addicted to Porn for a long time (around 10 years). It was my main source or material I used for masturbation/orgasm during this time. Occasions varied from multiple times a day to other times I would only watch porn around once/week or even once/fortnight. Anyway during a recent personal bout of depression, I simply decided to stop viewing any form of internet porn at all and I must say I feel great. To be honest stopping the viewing of porn has not been that hard and so for that I am thankful. I must say that I had to go through hell during my depression and maybe getting better from that has made my porn desire diminish and realise what is really important to me in life and also made me realise that watching porn is so detrimental to my all round health. I am really not sure but I just gradually have lost interest in porn viewing. Maybe, with all due respect, I was not a "heavy" addict, or maybe I was and am kidding myself. Either way, the urges I used to get when I was home alone to look at porn are almost gone from my system. Anyway after doing a little research about it online it seems that because of my porn addiction for so long, I may have changed my brain wiring etc and this has really gotten me concerned. I have not looked at porn for about the last 3 months but I guess my ultimate question is how can I do my best to ensure that I reverse any possible brain changes/damage that my porn use caused and get it back to normal?

Is simply giving up porn viewing enough and after time my brain will heal itself?

Or do I need to stop masturbation/orgasm/sexual thoughts as well for a period also?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies if this post is in the wrong section etc as I am brand new as mentioned above. Wishing everyone well. Cheers


congratulations on your progress.

The changes reverse automatically, so there's nothing (else) you need do to. No one knows how long it takes, because it's different for everyone.

These are the signs guys report for "being back to normal," in case you're curious.

It's great that your depression is gone. Do you think quitting porn helped? I ask because some people definitely do notice that when they cut out the PMO they feel much more optimistic and so forth.