‚ô•Transmutation; Day 6/19/7

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I usually talk about transmuting with a couple people on this site, but I never made a blog about it. From what I understand, transmutation is the art of taking sexual energy and harnessing it, and using it for other things like, academics or athletic reasons. Pretty much saying, that when one gets horny, they take all that energy and try to convert it (mentally) to do something more productive. There is an old book about it, by a guy named napoleon. I believe that if we have a situation were we are about to relapse, we can use this method to do something far more greater, It just takes allot; and I mean ALLOT of mental energy and allot of determination to convert this energy. If we sit here, and think about how strong this sexual energy is that we all have, its pretty amazing! It's something worth trying before people decide to relapse; I mean shit, what else do you have to loose? This takes allot of commitment, and I am sure this is how people of earlier generations use to fight the urge of sexual temptation, this energy is powerful, and we can start to use it for other then spilling our seeds. I am new at this too, and I am going to try this regularly or if I get the urge to have sex before my 8 weeks :)



very true. i am in this

very true. i am in this stage right now.

when i get the urge 1 AM in the morning, I try to do some work on the computer or I start cleaning my room or I read some positive affirmations.

I wish a yogi would come down from a mountain and teach us lol

I`m in to same ideas as

I`m in to same ideas as well. If you think about it it`s quite logic. The brain wants to get a dopamine high, so it searches for it elsewhere. I actually don`t think it takes a lot of energy to convert it. Think about a boxer that directs the energy from a punch, it takes just a small amount of energy, but it has to be the right technique.

Check out Rickson, a pioneer MMA fighter talking about sexual energy:)