Day 1, relapses....they're bad!

Submitted by Floyd on
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Well, as the title suggests, I had a bit of a fall.

I made it 44 days on my first attempt. The first few weeks were truly effortless for me. I thought I was in the clear. When I started to engage in fantasy I think I set the wheels in motion.

PMO slowly crawled back into my mind and I slowly let it.

I had three days where I engaged in PMO.

I've decided to start 1.

I know it's unhelpful, but I feel really bad going so far only to come to that end. All that time....

I've taken some precautions to help me succeed, but I don't think they'll be necessary. My weakness was my mind. I let my thoughts control me.

I'm going back to my healthy routines. (I've been out of the gym for a few weeks from an injury/sickness) Working out, reading, and meditation will be part of my daily life.

Thats about it. On the road to day 90! I won't fail again!!


Good luck

Seems like your brain just let its guard down early and got lazy. A few weeks is a LONG time to be out of the gym. There is just no justification for that unless you have mono, flu, severe compartment syndrome, a pinched nerve, torn tendons or ligaments, or broken bones. Get your butt back in the gym! As you conquer goals in the gym, you will feel motivated to conquer your sexual demons too!

Everything that happened to you happened to me.

Don't feel bad, but *do* learn from it. Examine carefully what led up to the relapse and figure out your plan of action to prevent it happening again. By the way 44 days is better than anything I could do for the first year of being around this site. You should be proud of that. If you had gone just a few more weeks you would have busted through to a new just didn't know it because it was still new to you.

If it gets that bad again come on here immediately and tell on yourself, let someone know you are about to relapse. It's funny how those cravings dissipate when you have a bunch of other people encouraging you to stay the course no matter what. If at first you don't succeed....try, fail, try, fail, try, till eventually you figure out your method.

Do whatever it takes!

Below is evidence that I took my own advise a few months ago. Also, I think it's pretty significant that it occurred around day 40 the same time as yours. That's a crucial week I think because you just hit a month and you might get a little passive or like me have a wet dream that may have some chaser effect during the day...if you overly focus on it and let it get you off kilter.