♥ karezza and long distance relationships.

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How do you best practice Karezza in a LDR? I only see my sweetie once a month for aprox 5 days.

We both have the book, and are just starting to get into them. Our Lovemaking has alwasy tended towards the spiritual and non-goal orientated, so this really interests us. We have been together for almost two years, and feel very much like honeymooners and want to keep it going and going. Our love life has been transcedent to say the least already, and we don't want to loose any of the longing and connection over time.
Thanks for your advice, input, or suggestions. :)

Sounds like you two

are doing a great job, given your limitations. I honestly don't have any long distance relationship tips, but I have read some fascinating accounts of lovers who feel so connected that they can just attune to each other energetically at a chosen time and feel the connection. Do you do that already?

We really do. This is the

We really do. This is the most amazing relationship I have ever known. We would love to get married, but we both have children we are raising, and need to wait. We try not to think of it as 'waiting' but living our lives together spiritually, and connect on some level every day through skype, IM or phone. Wishing our child rearing days away would be a tragedy, so we just try to enjoy our children and each moment we have in this jouney together and reset our 'us' time when he comes to visit.
Once in a while it feels like a burden to be apart, but we recongnize that as a couple, we have SO MUCH opportunity to grow in our spiritual sensitivities and awareness of each other. Not to mention the hours and hours of sharing our experiences, strength and hope with each other in our daily communications.
Mostly we feel blessed with such a great starting point to build our lives together on.
I always feel him.. loving me.. where he is. Its a very profound feeling of belonging.