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In a sense there are two authors of this website and the related books: Gary Wilson and Marnia Robinson. They are a husband/wife team living in southern Oregon.

Marnia (with degrees from Brown and Yale) is a former corporate lawyer who left her career to investigate how ancient sacred-sex prescriptions can heal the widespread disharmony in intimate relationships. Her last conventional job took her to Europe as "Director of Legal Services - Europe" for Campbell Soup Company. Since 1990 she has been unearthing clues about healing the alienation between male and female.

Gary is an investigator and supplies most of the science information. His passion is neuroscience, and he spends many hours scanning the internet and integrating the latest discoveries. As adjunct faculty at Southern Oregon University, he taught anatomy and physiology labs. He has also taught anatomy, physiology, and pathology at vocational schools in California and Oregon. He found himself delving into the physiology of sex, mating, and recovery while helping Marnia with her book.

At the end of 2010, Gary founded Your Brain On Porn to share his investigations and help heavy porn users learn (1) how internet porn can change users' brains, and (2) what helps them reverse those changes. If you're at all interested in this issue, have a look at his slide-show series and his phenomenally popular TEDx talk, given in Glasgow, Scotland. Since his website was founded, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has come out with a public statement confirming that sexual behaviors can indeed produce addiction-related changes in some brains, and recent neuroscience findings from Cambridge University, Yale University, The Max Planck Institute, and other institutions confirm the hypotheses put forth on Gary's site. Also see this list of studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual dysfunctions & descreased arousal and lower sexual & relationship satisfaction.

TV interviewGary and Marnia blogged on Psychology Today for years. Their work appeared in an anthology about new thought, published by Penguin, which won the Nautilus Award (Toward 2012: Perspectives on the Next Age). Their article "The Great Porn Experiment" appeared in The Evolutionary Review. Gary is also the author of Your Brain On Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction (2015), and published two peer-reviewed papers in 2016:

For more see this 2016 interview of Gary Wilson by Noah B. Church