"Magical Blend" and "Innerchange" Reviews of Peace Between the Sheets

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Magical Blend Magazine

I have to admit that when I first encountered the basic premise of this book - that sex without orgasm for either partner was better than with - it sounded too extreme to take seriously. But after reading the very solid biochemistry her theories are based on, as well as the testimonials to the success of the practices it suggests, I started thinking that the author just may be on to something. The book argues that we're hard-wired to become depleted and depressed after orgasmic sex and therefore to eventually lose interest. But trade the climax for an ongoing physical intimacy (she includes a program at the end of the book to get you started), and love blooms eternal. Written with great good humor and engaging storytelling, this book is well worth a read - and its practices, perhaps, worth a try! - Pearly Baker Best

Innerchange Magazine

Marnia Robinson has researched the split and tension in modern relationships between men and women. Her solution - a return to the ancient ways of intimacy. Rather than devouring each other and leaving each other empty and feeling a depressing sense of lack, Robinson offers us not just theory but the how-to of healing with sexual relationships. The healing is not just physical and mental but spiritual.

The final chapter of Section I, before the how-to of the Ecstatic Exchanges in Section II, describes a Divine connection - one which the ancient Taoists and Tibetan Buddhists have always known. You cannot be selfish and generous at the same time; you cannot be hungry and nourished at the same time. Therefore, with the sexual energy transmuted through the heart center to nourish each other, the flow of abundance in life balances with the life force and merges us not just with our partners but with the Source from whence we came. - Kathryn Lanier