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my has a community of bloggers.

This page will serve as a FAQ and guidelines for existing and potential new bloggers.

Who can blog?

Currently blogging is done upon invitation. Bloggers tend to be members who actively contribute in the forums.

Why blog?

Blogging at is both a way to help oneself, and to help the community.

Blogging is a way to document one's own journey on the path of non-orgasmic sexual exploration. One can write about the ups and downs along the way, about what worked and what didn't. One can later look back and see the progress that has been made. It can also help one to recognize patterns of behavior that may have remained hidden otherwise.

Documenting the journey is also a way to contribute to the community. We are all explorers, and by sharing our findings with each other, we can learn faster and grow more quickly.

What topics are allowed in the blogs?

There are basically two broad topics that can be covered in the blogs:

  1. One's own journey with non-orgasmic sex.
  2. One's own journey along one's spiritual path.

On the first point, one could, for example, blog daily when going through the Exstatic Exchanges, as described in the book Peace Between the Sheets. Alternatively, one could describe one's own journey, methods, attempts and successes with non-orgasmic sex.

As for spritual paths, people of all religions and denominations are welcome. In the Wisdom section, there is much information relating to most major religions.

These rules are purposefully very loose, and we have never had to enforce them. We trust bloggers use their common sense and figure out for themselves what is, or is not, appropriate for this web site. If in doubt, anyone can contact us by private message to ask first.

I have not been invited, but I would like to be able to blog, too.

It may be because we were simply distracted and we forgot to invite you! :) You can contact us by sending us a mail or a private message, and we will activate your blogging account, after reviewing your past forum contributions.

Preserving anonymity

At, we go to great lengths to help members preserve their anonymity. We understand that society does not make it easy to come out openly on topics that are still considered taboo.

  • Your email address is never shared with other members.
  • You can freely chose your 'username' upon registration. If you change your mind later, you can ask us to change your 'username' for you.

Specifically, when blogging and if you wish to remain anonymous, be careful not to give specific details that would allow people in your neighborhood or family to identify you (however unlikely that is!), like:

  • your job title
  • the number, age, gender and names of your children (having children does affect a couple's ability to have regular intimacy, so speaking about them might be appropriate)
  • Places, like cities or even your country.

But DO provide all the information that is relevant to the practice: see below "What can I write in my first blog entry?"

How do I create my first blog entry?

Starting from the menu on the left, you can do either of the following:

  • follow the links: 'my account' > 'view recent blog entries' > 'Post new blog entry.'
  • follow the links: 'create content' > 'blog entry'.

Write and submit just as you would for a forum post.

You will find the list of your own blog entries in reverse chronological order at: 'my account' > 'view recent blog entries'.

What can I write in my first blog entry?

Even if you already wrote a lot about yourself in the forums, it is a good idea to re-introduce yourself in your first blog entry. Just explain your current situation, and what your objectives are. Include all information that you deem relevant:

  • Your gender
  • your age, even if approximately
  • your marital status
  • anything that may affect your sex life (pregnancy)
  • pre-existing addictions (masturbation, obviously, but also alcohol, tobacco, shopping, etc.)

And if you plan to blog about your spiritual journey, give information about that, too (like the spiritual practices you do, the tradition that you follow, etc.)

Other technical information

If you have a question, you may post it in the technical support forum.