How to contact members privately

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By being a member of this forum, you have the possibility to contact other members privately.

Currently, there are two ways to do that (but this may change).

Private Messages

You must be registered and logged in to send private messages.

You can send a private message to other members this way:
1) go to the user's profile page (click on its name, in the forum).
2) click on the link "send private message".
3) compose then send the private message.

Note: members have the choice to turn off private messages. (see you own profile, and click on the 'edit' tab. See section 'Private message settings'.

The advantage is that your email is not disclosed to the recipient. You may chose to disclose your email within the body of your message or not.

The disadvantage is that if the user didn't elect to "Receive daily e-mail for unread messages" (in PM settings), and if the user doesn't visit the site regularly, they may not notice your message at all.

Personal contact form

Members have the choice to enable their personal contact form (see 'contact settings' in your profile edit form).

If they have enabled their contact form, you will see a 'contact' tab a the top of the user profile page. Click on the tab, compose your message and send it.

The advantage is that an email is actually sent to the user. They probably will notice this email even if they don't visit this site often.

The disadvantage is that by sending them a message you automatically disclose your own email address to the recipient (which may or may not matter).

The personal contact form is off by default, so it is likely that the user has not thought about turning it on.

Help in contacting someone

If you have tried to contact a user but failed (because their personal contact form if off, and they do not visit the site regularly), you may contact us privately (via PM), and we'll see how we can assist you.