Potential health risks of conventional sex

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Could these findings be subtle signals that there's a better way to make love?

Potential risks


Ouch! Can You Really Break Your Penis? "I've seen dozens of cases (in 20 years of working as a physician). At the University of Washington's Harborview Medical Center here in Seattle, we see one or two cases per month."

Fast food [and sexual stimulation] may be addictive

Toxic fast food diet blamed for obesity

Withdrawal symptoms and dips in dopamine levels aren't evident when meals are moderate and regularly scheduled. (Parallel with moderate, regular lovemaking)

Spousal spats may harm heart health

Why Sexual Intercourse is Bad for Your Body

Man sentenced to death for killing wife after sex

Rebels without a (peaceful) cause

'In Conversation' with Robyn Williams and guest Mary Sharpe

Can Viagra lead to vision loss?

Sex and Drugs Go Together for Teens

Orgasms can be such a pain

High testosterone linked to prostate cancer

The Pathology of Love

It's official: love drives you crazy

Report finds too much sex 'can make you sterile'

More sexual partners may increase risk of prostate cancer

Risks of no relationship

Loneliness Kills, Study Shows (loneliness associated with raised blood pressure)

Adults who go to bed lonely get stress hormone boost next morning (loneliness, sadness associated with raised cortisol levels)

Prostate health

No link between frequency of sex and prostate cancer (frequent ejaculation not associated with prostate cancer)

Stat5 Protein Tied To Prostate Cancer Virulence (Stat 5 tyrosine kinase involved in human prostate cancer may be activated by prolactin)

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