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blue-footed boobiesStudying Neurochemistry of Intimate Relationships

Kinsey Institute Moves Beyond the Study of Sex: Now It’s Love

Studying Harmony of Intimate Relationships

Wired for Love: Studying Physiological Reactivity in Married Couples

Brain and Spirituality

Do you have the God gene?

Miscellaneous items

Giving and the Brain

"'Tis Better to Give Than Receive" (giving lights up reward center AND oxytocin production)


Medication Nation (Medication 'cures' for addiction)

After weight-loss surgery, some find new addictions (Medication 'cures' for addiction)

Vaccine Stops Big Eaters Getting Fat (You can get fat half as fast....)

Risk-takers 'escape Parkinson's'

Rewiring the Brain against Addiction

Dissecting the Shangri-La Diet fad (Does this diet, like careful lovemaking, give the reward center just enough to soothe it, and so create balance naturally?)


Humble Mice Provide Clues To Social Behavior (Gene Tweaks Have Big Effects)

42% of Young Men Fake Their Orgasms

Brain size matters for sex [Amygdala]

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