Neurochemistry of sex

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Limbic system and reward circuit

brainOrgasm Akin to Shot of Heroin

Brain Sees Reward Before Risk Exposure To New Experiences Improves Memory And Could Help Treat Memory Problems (exposure to new experiences rewarding)

Cupid's chemistry

Dopamine provides shopper's high

Addiction Mechanism Regulates Bonding In Monogamous Animals

A Real Sugar High? (withdrawal symptoms and dips in dopamine levels aren't evident when meals are moderate and regularly scheduled)

Link to radio show 'The Orgasmic Brain'

The Pleasure Seekers (excellent article on the reward circuit of the brain)

Human Pleasure Evoked by ESB

It's a gamble: dopamine levels tied to uncertainty of rewards

Compulsive Gambling, Sex Linked to Parkinson's Drugs


Sex with a partner is 400% better

Prolactin: An integral player in hormonal politics

Like human dads, monkeys gain weight when mate is pregnant

Once Is Enough

Stress found to be associated with hyperprolactinemia

Testosterone and Estrogen

Hormones converge for couples in love

Testosterone Shut-Off Doesn't Affect Men's Mood (however, it does affect their libido)

Oestrogen linked to male sex drive


First brain study reveals benefits of exercise on quitting smoking(exercise eases smokers' cravings, possibly by supporting dopamine levels)

Cupid's Comeuppance(neurochemistry of falling in love)

Money can't buy happiness, but happiness may buy money (description of the dopamine treadmill)

Brain battles itself over short-term rewards, long-term goals

CU Researchers Find That Dopamine Is Key To Learning Likes And Dislikes

Discovery of new dopamine action may yield alternative psychiatric drugs (Excess concentrations of dopamine can have long-term effects.)

Dopamine May Play New Role in Depression Dopamine may raise the risk of depression.

Attention-Deficit Disorder Related To Advantageous Gene Wondering why we're all so susceptible to high dopamine?

PT-141 (mimics effects of dopamine)

Let us spray New Drug Shows Promise for Women with Sexual Dysfunction

Nerve Growth Factor

Sex chemistry 'lasts two years' Romantic love 'lasts just a year'


What women need: sweaty male armpits Hormone that triggers new brain cells after sex may be key to stroke recovery (prolactin rise after sex generates cell growth in olfactory center)

Neurochemistry of Falling in Love

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