Sexual orientation and desire

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male flour beetlesAfter studying this article entitled How gay sex can produce offspring, Canadian psychologist Paul Vasey speculated that male-mounting among flour beetles may not be an adaptation, but rather the by product of an adaptation, such as having a low threshold for sexual arousal.

This makes perfect sense. Ready sexual arousal would be a plus for passing on genes, but if someone inherits "too much of a good thing" in the "easily aroused" department, it might make the gender of a potential mate decrease in importance. As a saying in the gay community goes, "the difference between a straight man and a gay man is a six-pack of beer."

Dopamine can do funny things to powers of discrimination. That's its job, after make us impulsive to engage in mating behavior (among other survival behaviors). Someone with an extra dollop of dopamine reactivity to sexual arousal may not need a six-pack - all things being equal.