Talking to kids about porn

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kid watching computer screen

Download a free audiobook explaining porn's risks to kids, recorded by English actors. Watch a 3-part YOUTube series created using an excerpt of the book.

From a listener:

As schoolteacher, my profession nowadays, I would feel happy to play this recording to a class of students, particularly male students in year seven (11-year-olds). I believe that the link between drug addiction and sexual addictions should be clear from an early age. It would be to society's advantage that people understand addiction, how harmful it is and how difficult they can be to break. Hindsight is always 20/20. I think the links between exploitation and the sex industry should also be highlighted, as should the vast amounts of money involved. Sex sells and is sold. An awareness of brain-chemistry and psychology is a modern-day must-have.

The two-part article below is addressed to guys in their early teens. It was written with the kind assistance of a half-dozen adult men who innocently began using porn and became addicted.

All of them wish that someone had found a way to explain the risks to them when they were young.