The more orgasms, the less attractive women find men

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annoyed woman with crossed armsLast year a sexologist did research on women engaging in various kinds of sexual activity for 30 days - and tested them to see how attractive and friendly they found (unknown) men's pictures. He was trying to prove that women engaging in PVI (penile-vaginal intercourse) would find pictures of strange men less attractive than the other women did, because they would be more bonded with their mates.

Instead what he found matched with what we've been theorizing. The more orgasms the women had across the board...the more unattractive and aggressive they ranked the pictures of the men.

And the women who only masturbated during that time ranked the men the lowest. (Women engaging in oral sex with a partner and so forth didn't like the men much either.) The PVI women ranked the men the highest - which suggests that it was the intercourse (deep connection with a partner), not the orgasms, that truly created a sense of loving wellbeing in the women.

PDF of study

Links to abstracts on how orgasm and masturbation change women's perceptions