Rebels without a (peaceful) cause

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Article by Mary Sharpe from London's "City Security" magazine, December, 2005

Rebels without a (peaceful) cause With the current series of suicide bombings, many theories have been advanced about the root causes: grievance at the West and its foreign policies in Muslim countries; anger towards the occupiers in Palestine; frustration at an inability to integrate fully into mainstream society in the West; the Jihadist desire to kill the infidel and prove one’s status as true believer in the righteousness of Allah and the Qu’ran (thereby earning the ultimate reward of 72 perpetual virgins in Paradise).

While any of these may play a part, they do not induce all aggrieved Muslims to react in such an extreme way. The vast majority of suicide bombers (and criminals) are young men aged between 15 and 25 years, at their sexual peak, raging with hormones and boundless energy, seeking an outlet and a mission in life.

According to traditional Chinese Taoist thought, they may be primed for violence; Taoist Masters have long observed an increase in violent behaviour following recent loss of seminal fluid. In times of conflict, military leaders channel this volatile force by providing structure, training and a mission. They give young men the chance to play the conquering hero, for better or worse....

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