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peaceful coupleHave you ever noticed that intimate relationships seem to be jinxed? You marry someone genuinely wonderful, whom you're certain you can love forever. Yet after a while a strange tension and distance has set in, and one or both of you are sure that you've chosen the wrong person or need 'space' in the relationship. You may stay married and tolerate the status quo, or you may divorce and begin the dance anew; the unwelcome pattern, however, remains.

The media assures us that we could correct the problem with better communication skills, regular counselling, or altered childhoods. In fact, we need to learn to make love differently. The source of our recurring malaise is an unconscious script lurking in the limbic system - a primitive part of every mammalian brain. Here we are neurochemically programmed to fall in love with intense passion, form temporary attachments, reproduce... and then fall out of love....

Entire article from ByronChild magazine (PDF - 322K)