Spray makes for better sex

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[We believe this type of product has hidden risks, due to the inherent addictiveness of sex - which may be the most important contributor to women's declining libido.]

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Monash University has developed a spray to help younger pre-menopausal women better enjoy intimacy.

The university's Professor Susan Davis says many women in this category have reduced interest and enjoyment from sex because of low testosterone levels.

Professor Davis says a large clinical study has found the new testosterone spray increases enjoyment of sexual relations.

"What we found was we didn't actually increase the number of sexual events, we actually increased the number of events that women said was good for them," she said.

"That's the thing, we didn't increase the sexual function rate but increased the degree of pleasure from it."

Professor Davis says it will take several more years of testing before the spray becomes available to the public.

She says once the testosterone spray becomes available it will make an enormous difference to the quality of many women's lives.

"Testosterone is a major driver of a woman's libido and just general well-being and motivation in life," she said.

"Testosterone levels fall by 50 per cent between the ages of 20 and 40 in women so many women actually have side effects or consequences of this drop in their hormone levels."

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