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"How do we move our sexual energy up through the throat chakra, and put an end to this trend of sexual confusion/distress?"

Dear Fellow Detectives,
sacred marriageI started working on an article today and the Alice A. Bailey material kept "intruding." I read again something I had forgotten was in the book "A Compilation on Sex," (p.82) which I want to share. Even if you aren't familiar with the Bailey material, "pretend" that you are. As you know, I'm fascinated by all the different sacred texts that have similar "takes" on the connection between sex and spirituality. I could as easily frame this same basic question in terms of three or four other metaphysical texts. Today's "flavor" is Alice Bailey, so please do your best to play along.

According to this channeled information, humanity's first initiation (first major step toward enlightenment... Christhood... whatever) will take place when its life force energy moves from the sacral center into the throat center. (In that system, the bottom three chakras are the lower centers, and the next three are the upper centers. The crown chakra is yet another level. The higher three "mirror" the lower three, so as we awaken, all three of the bottom energies move up through the higher "octave" of the next three centers. The sacral center energies therefore move through the throat center.)

However, according to this material, humanity hasn't been "advanced enough" to open the throat center - at least it wasn't at the time this material was channeled, over 60 years ago. Nevertheless, the sexual energy is being activated in many of us, and it is trying to move up. According to this material, this is due to a certain "ray" of energy now affecting the planet. Unfortunately, until that throat center opens, the energy "backs up" in us, creating chaos. Here's the description of what happens when the energy gets "stuck" at the heart center:

It produces sex urges, religious eroticism and a generally unwholesome attitude, ranging all the way from real sexuality to fanatical celibacy…. Frequently in the case of a male mystic there will be over developed sexual expression on the physical plane, perversions of different kinds or a pronounced homosexuality. In the case of women, there may be much disturbance of the solar plexus (instead of sacral disturbances) and consequent gastric trouble and an unwholesome imaginative life, ranging all the way from a feeble pruriency [morbid sexual desire] to definite forms of sexual insanity with (frequently) a strong religious bias at the same time....

If in the early stages of mystical development there were right guidance of the mental life and of thought, plus courageous explanation of [the] process, a great deal of difficulty would later be avoided. [Our function...as we learn it?]

These early stages resemble closely the interest shown by the adolescent both in sex and religion. The two [subjects] are closely allied in this particular period of development.

In other words, some of the excessive sexual behavior we're seeing (experiencing?) on the planet right now (child sexual abuse, porn proliferation, sexual exploitation by spiritual leaders, casual sex, religious fundamentalism about sex), not to mention gastric trouble, is simply this energy trying to move up through the chakras, into the throat center. Not sinful, but rather natural... and most uncomfortable.

So the question I would like all of you planetary servers to ask your inner guides is, "How do we move the energy up through the throat chakra, and put an end to this trend of sexual confusion/distress?" All of you have indicated a definite interest in this general subject (if not the Bailey material specifically), and all of you are, in my view, very spiritual people who like to be aligned with Divine will...whenever you can work out how to do it. Smile Interestingly, some of you definitely "feel" like some kind of energy currently stops at the throat...(an observation that was made before I stumbled on this material again).

As long as I'm babbling on about Alice Bailey, I'll mention a few bits that appear in the material, which I think might be related to the answer to this question. (However, I do not want to prejudice your own listening in any way.) Signs that the energy HAS moved up into the throat will include new forms of artistic and literary creation and an ability to work in groups to "express some idea or some thought which emanates from the Mind of God, and which demands immediate precipitation upon earth."

The material says there must be control of the sex impulse and the transference of the fire which now normally vitalizes the sexual organs to the throat center, "thus leading to creation upon the mental plane through the agency of mind. That which is to be created must then be nourished and sustained by the love energy of nature issuing from the heart center."

It also says celibacy is not the answer, and that this process (ultimately, union of personality and soul) cannot occur apart from the physiological processes of sex. At the same time, the union called for is but a symbol of the deeper union of opposites it represents. In short, sex isn't the goal...reunion of opposites at some non-physical level is.

But what does all of this mean in practical terms? My inner guidance says to "ask people of all persuasions," so I'm doing that.

Could you each be so kind as to pull in your spirit guides, or pull out your oracles, and see what you get in the way of guidance on this point?

Thanks and love,

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This is nice to read. As soon as things started shifting for me it became obvious that the area I'll have to work on next is 5th chakra. This spring I'll be participating with a group of women who sing and perform choral works by Hildegarde von Bingen.

@Clarity, thanks for digging

@Clarity, thanks for digging this up.

In my water fasting lately there is clearly something throat related going on that has puzzled me. Perhaps it relates to this. I enjoyed singing as a child. It's been a while since I've really done much singing, though singers tell me I should take lessons.

@Marnia, I didn't quite complete the link that religious fundamentalism about sex could be categorized as imbalanced in the same way as hedonistic fundamentalism. I'm not sure why this didn't fully register. Maybe I'm biased in the view that religious fundamentalism might be slightly more aligned with the reunion of opposites than the hedonists. I'm tainted partially by my pasta and my internalization of that past that wasn't as fundamentalist, but aligned more with the spiritual aspects I ultimately found lacking in some respects.

The throat chakra has to do

The throat chakra has to do with the voice, communication and expression. We may have energies, both positive and negative in the form of needs and emotions, that need to be communicated and this would block the throat chakra. Unused energy, even positive, sort of stagnates or rots and turns negative...

this site is a labyrinth of fascinating topics

and I continue to be delighted by the treasures I find here, e.g. this topic. Wonder where the planet stands now on activation of the life energy and moving it to the 5th chakra. I've been led to kundalini practice, and was initiated into kriya yoga not long ago, which is described in Wikipedia as follows:

As Yogananda describes Kriya Yoga, "The Kriya Yogi mentally directs his life energy to revolve, upward and downward, around the six spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) which correspond to the twelve astral signs of the zodiac, the symbolic Cosmic Man. One half-minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord of man effects subtle progress in his evolution; that half-minute of Kriya equals one year of natural spiritual unfoldment."[10]

The practice leads to "Self-Realization," also described as a "direct experience of God." In the last century there have been many more average people ready for this, and I think it was to prepare more for the New Age and some other related phenomenon to occur, as described in channelings. We are hearing now that humanity is on the verge of some really big "Event."

I've heard of circulating the "prana" up through the heart and the third eye, then back down the spine, but here is the first place I've heard of the throat chakra needing to be opened, and it being so significant.