Answer 1 - experience while making love

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First thing that came to me was, so often during sex I have had the energy gather in my throat, as if his penis is that long... as if it is that 'filling' or fulfilling.… Now I have a point of reference... thank you! This is going to be fun.

I wanted to add a bit more on the throat thing ~ when kissing while connected, that's when the throat energy would move upward, and seemed to complete a circle, which none of my lovers was able to just 'ride' very long, since they were always goal-oriented... but I personally haven't had the energy move further up in the head (past the mouth) that I can remember (with a partner), unlike a few of my lovers who had something akin to a kundalini awakening, perhaps, as you'll remember, from having quoted one in your book.

The only other thing I can think of is that I always had the feeling we would reunite as we evolve, the way cells multiply by division ~ in other words, any matter would reach a saturation point and then work inwards, so to speak. I probably already mentioned something like this years ago. Two by two....