Answer 2 - channeled from Ramsheed

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[Note from channel] I'll try - it might take a bit of time he’s [guide] been babbling on about something. Can you send me the throat mail again? I deleted it because mailbox was too full. Also you better keep Ramsheed’s messages because I don’t, and remember nothing about them afterwards. If I chance to read them I’m usually amazed and a bit spooked!!!

[From guide]

Firstly, let it be stated that the capacities of man in the present are limitless, but unrecognised. For example you have the ability to fly without wings or an aeroplane machine. You have the ability to move mountains to make rain to make fire, etc. Some who have guarded ancient primeval wisdom occasionally manifest vestiges of these capacities. Here thought is the medium. Your three-dimensional environment dictates that thought be tangibly manifested by physical action and in the case we are addressing, here the medium of sound. This is a first step.

Hello to your long-suffering friend [Marnia] whom we perceive to be doing well and indeed fizzing.

Realise that thought is of course stronger than sound because you cannot shut up thought or turn the volume down…ha ha. Naturally sound does not exist without thought, although thought exists very nicely without sound, unless you would like me to talk about what you call quantum mechanics.

Understand that a word which is not said has no power, no impact, no influence. It is merely a shape, drawn, scribbled or traced on some thing. Interesting that concerning your dreams of former civilisations, the answers you seek are there in some cases in front of your noses, but not recognised and therefore inanimate and waiting. A clue for you is that some religious tracts of the so-called civilised world begin with "in the beginning was the Word." A word must be SAID for its power to be unleashed. BBBBBRRRRRR

Now I need some input from your friend as to her searches, as I do not have the wherewithal to deal directly with her. I may have much for you…or are you planning to be drunk AGAIN today?

[Question not supplied] Since you ask, it is the sometime laziness, the dreaming, mercurial side of you, the passive searching, that makes it possible - when you are relaxed as now, or conversely, under great stress - to open a channel to you.

There are many here who would be in the way of wishing to contact Mrs. Robinson directly but, and we say this with affection and respect, she is what is called an "over-achiever," which is fine…but it makes it very difficult to get through. There is literally a wall of ambition and enthusiasm, the vibrations of which negate our possibilities. When she meditates, this is less. As we are aware that you are forwarding this to her, it is important to state clearly that this in no way constitutes a criticism, and is merely to do with the (at present) possibilities of communication between your sphere and ours.


Added later:

Well can't you just imagine who is behaving like a puffed up arse hole this morning, wagging his head and acting like a media superstar? If I could get hold of him I'd smack his face - mostly for the remarks about my drinking. (I'd like you to know I only ever have a few beers and my doctor says I can). Anyway he has been clapping on while I was in the bath. I think he's cooking up something big - but told me in any case to tell you that:

the ancient Egyptian ceremony of the opening of the mouth is relevant to "our" subject.

Just as an explanation I can't contact him on demand, and it only happens when I'm very tired, and/or after say, two beers. It then seems as though time stands still, and everything goes fast, but at the end I'm always exhausted and a bit confused.


"Opening the mouth" is quite a famous thing depicted on many tomb walls, etc. where priests used some tool in the vicinity of the pharaoh's mouth to "open his mouth" thus ensuring ETERNAL LIFE. Don't know much more, but reluctantly have to for once agree with our cocky friend that it's maybe a clue. NB he told me that en clair which is unusual for him.