Answer 3 - ancient symbol of double serpent

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I’ve just been traveling in Turkey. Much to my curiosity I have spotted over and over not only the ancient esoteric symbol of the flower of life in various degrees; but the motif of entwined serpents…symbols of DNA. If you haven’t read The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby, you may find it interesting and you will understand why entwined serpents showing up all over the place is very interesting for me.

Tonight I was wandering around in the rain and entered what I thought was going to be a little chapel and went down some stairs into a vast, I mean VAST, 6th century underground cistern built to supply the city with water in time of siege. To top it off, I found two female heads about a meter high upside down at the base of two of the columns, and they sport a pair of fat serpents twisting through their hair. It looks as if the serpents are speaking to the female heads. I just found out that the cistern is beneath me right now, and to add to that, it is the Medusa heads that are directly beneath this hotel…ooo…*goosebumps*.

This double serpent theme is running throughout this trip. I think the serpents point to occult information, which is visible, if you know the codes. I also saw a high priest cape, ancient catholic, with entwined serpent-like designs, and, of all things ladders.