Answer 4 - (Gnostic) Tarot reading

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I tried, but I don't get anything that makes sense. I guess I will call "Pass" on this one.

Just for the record, here is briefly what I drew. I must confess that my mind was preoccupied by something else during part of the reading, and it seems I drew a card that answers that particular concern.

You asked me to "ask my fool cards", and the first card I drew is:
21, "The fool" (Samael Aun Weor calls this card "the Transmutation"). (so it seems the answer was included in your question... as it often is).

Then I drew:
52: Premeditation.
29: Domesticity.

52 = 5 + 2 = 7
29 = 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2

52 + 29 + 21 = 7 + 2 + 21 = 30 = 3 + 0 = 3

Answer is:
3: The Empress.

I quote the whole card:

3 - The Empress -
SPIRITUAL PLANE: Knowledge of occultism.
PHYSICAL PLANE: Expansion of ideas and desires.
TRANSCENDENTAL AXIOM: "Thy loom is weaving cloth for thou to use and weaving clothes that thou shalt not use."
IN GENERAL: Possible marriage; doubt is a woodworm within the soul; take advantage of opportunity.
UPRIGHT MEANING: Certain connubial; lasting sentimental union; reciprocated attraction; chaste kisses.
REVERSE MEANING: Rupture; dissension; argument; separation.
"It is stated that the Third Arcanum is the Mold Maker. It is clear that within creation, within nature, everything is modeled by means of the Verb. The Third Arcanum signifies success. It is material and spiritual production."
FORECASTING ELEMENT: "Multiplication of material goods, prosperity in business, abundance, wealth, success; obstacles which must be defeated, and satisfaction in proportion to efforts made while we are defeating them."

It seems that the Upright Meaning is the answer to YOUR question, and the Reverse Meaning is certainly the answer to my unrelated concern (it is obvious to me, given what my concern is).

The two minor Arcana I drew (29 and 52) were drawn upside down and further clarify the Reverse Meaning of the Major Arcanum 3. As such, they answer my private concern (and give me a good advice, too!)

The Major Arcanum I drew (21) was drawn upside up, and clarify the Upright Meaning which is the answer for you.

The Upright Meaning for the Fool (21) is: "The Farmer; End of things and beginning of others". It represents the end of an era (sex-crazed) and the beginning of a new era (sexually balanced). You asked me to "ask my fool cards", and I drew the Fool. The answer is included within the question. Your question was, exactly: "How do we move the energy up through the throat chakra, and put an end to this trend of sexual confusion/distress?" I am sorry but I can only repeat what we already know: the way to move the energy higher is precisely by ending the sexual confusion/distress, your site being one important tool to that end (reuniting the opposite sexes). Arcanum 21 is "Transmutation", which we both know refers to the transmutation of the sexual energy (transmute lust into love), change the outward flow of the sexual energy (ejaculation/orgasm) into an inward flow (sexual alchemy). Nothing I write here is new. I am sorry I cannot provide further insights.

Arcanum 21, The Fool, is the end. For those who do not conserve and transmute their sexual energy, this is where their journey stops. (notice the reference to "the Farmer", in the Upright Meaning: the farmer is planting seeds, not wasting them! A subtle allegory for conserving the semen!) For the others (those who did not waste their seeds: they shall not suffer the famine resulting from crop failures), they shall enjoy the prosperity (material? and spiritual) forecasted by the Arcanum 3. I understand this in the context of Humanity's current reality: there are 6.5 billion of us and counting. We agree that the path we are taking is unsustainable. Something gotta give. Something will happen within this century that will drastically reduce the human population living on Earth (there are so many credible 'doomsday' scenarios! Just read the news!) Those that remain will live in peace and prosperity.

Nothing is free: we must do our bit, and do the necessary effort to overcome obstacles:
Within the "matrimony", a "lasting sentimental union" and a "reciprocated attraction", by dint of "chaste kisses" (It sounds like the "Ecstatic Exchanges"!), we shall conquer "obstacles which must be defeated", and obtain "satisfaction in proportion to efforts made while we are defeating them."

Your question is about moving the energy to the throat chakra. I find the mention of the "Verb" interesting in this context. The Verb is the Word, the Speech, which comes from the throat: "It is clear that within creation, within nature, everything is modeled by
means of the Verb." And with that, I come back to Arcanum 29 which could also be relevant here:
"Moderate your words; convince with persuasion and sweetness; do not become irritated before the one who does not listen."

God created the Universe with the Verb. We create (or rather influence) our reality with our words and our thoughts. We have to be increasingly aware of what we think and say! (and, even if the idea is not new to me, I have not been careful enough, because this same message has come back to me several times lately).

And about altering our own reality:
"Thy loom is weaving cloth for thou to use and weaving clothes that thou shalt not use." We are weaving (part of) our reality. The Astral body is also referred as the Astral vestment: the body (whether physical, Astral, Mental or Causal) is a piece of cloth we wear. We are "weaving" it with the "Transmutation" happening within sex. We are born out of the sexual union of our parents (who give us our physical body, and our physical "clothes"). Similarly, our Solar Astral "cloth" is woven within our sexual (non-orgasmic) union with our partner.