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I have had a few different thoughts concerning our topic. My best "oracle" is my inner listening over time, just taking in what I feel, think of, remember, read, hear...

The first thing I noticed after you posed the question was that I am beginning to sing more than I used to. I love singing but have not done much the past few years. During the last months/weeks I had a "rose theme" running through my life, for me clearly connected to love. On Sunday, after I got your e-mail, I remembered a CD a good friend had recorded and given to me. She is a musician and usually does not sing. But she had sung the song "The Rose" on request of a friend who played the guitar and accompanied her with his voice in some parts.

When she gave this CD to me in 2003 I was deeply touched. And every time I listened to it I had to cry. Of course I did not know why. I never used to know why I cry when people begin to sing. It is a reaction I have experienced lots of times. And now, I begin to understand. First of all, the song is about something I am just beginning to experience. So the tears were tears of sadness, feeling there is something I long for, but am not able to live. The song itself says it all... Then, there is the singing, the opening of the mouth and sounding in words what wants to come up. It is giving sound and word to a deep inner wish for union. I have always felt that my voice belongs to God and that I only want to talk the truth, God's praise... I used to sing in a Gospel choir years ago.

Singing a song like this one or speaking a prayer aloud or a poem or something that puts "IT" into words is an invocation. It is a statement made to God and to the Cosmos. It is the expression of my will to Truth and therefore invites the Holy Ghost, the Awareness, God, the Universal Consciousnes, whatever you might want to call it. Singing, speaking, voicing is a way of communicating, not only with fellow beings but with God.

Some say love it is a river
that drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed

Some say love it is a hunger
an endless aching need
I say love it is a flower
and you its only seed

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance
It's the one who won't be taken
who cannot seem to give
and the soul afraid of dying
that never learns to live

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun's love
in the spring
becomes the rose.

Then, something else appeared in my memory. I have spent some time in studying the Work of Bruno Gröning, a German healer that lived from 1906-1959. A film has been made about his work and you can visit the website that people have set up for him. He healed through the Word. Thousands of people came to see him and hear him and walk away healed. The stood up from their wheelchairs, could see or hear again - whatever. He was a priest in a way, a voice of God. And he always talks about a "healing current" that ran through him, the healing coming directly from God. And he made it clear that everybody has it and can connect to it. He was no big showy type, no, very, very modest and gave his whole life joyfully for everybody's wellbeing. Over time his throat grew bigger and bigger. He said this was due to the healing current running through his body. And that he HAS to express it, otherwise he'd die. He faced severe difficulties because of this healing work and was impeded more than once by "law and order". There was a big lobby of doctors etc. who wanted to stop him. And finally they did. And then Bruno Gröning died and investigations have been made on his body (I do not know if before or after he died, I cannot remember exactly). But anyway, it was found out that his insides were burnt. The healing current had burnt him on the inside because it could not get OUT.

Isn't that amazing? Here is his website: You can look at pictures and see his throat. Extraordinary.

So much concerning "The Word" for today.

[earlier answer]
You rightly say it's a process. And I feel it is a multidimensional one. This means that we can practically further it by living:

  • what you suggest in your book. A different approach to sexual love and union. This will definitely help in lots of ways. Leaving out the orgasm is a vital step, I feel. Because it does not hold our energy bound in the grip of lust and passion, but frees it to go somewhere else AT ALL. I am just beginning to experience this NOW and it feels like bliss from the first moment. Healing is coming, my whole body is changing. I rapidly lose weight that I had accumulated over the past 20 years. My knees do not hurt any more. My back feels perfect (I have a serious disc problem).
  • as creatively as we can and don't do things our inner guidance and knowledge tells us NOT to do. 10 years ago I simply knew I had to quit my job and work as an astrologer. 4 years later I did. In the beginning I did not always feel free to choose what I do, but I took great care not to get dependent (financially) on something I do not feel furthers my and other people's welfare. The more we do this the more creative we can get. I now give sessions, workshops, write articles and books, translate precious material, have established an online school, and unite people in groups. I write stories and poems just for myself and/or lover. I could not have done this had I stuck to my old habit of earning my money.
  • as spiritually as we can. Reading sacred texts, meditating, praying, trying to understand more of God's will and plan will definitely help. I started by translating for very spiritual people, then began meditating myself, found my way back to prayer. And it helps, it helps, it helps. Last night I was very nervous and woke up. I began to read a bit of "A course in Miracles" which is always by my bedside. I began to pray intensely. The second the prayer was over, I was totally calm and feel asleep.
  • as non-biased and non-judgmental as we can. Byron Katie's The Work ( helps me a lot in this respect. I learn to see through projections and find the clarity I need to see the Truth.

I do not care too much about where my energy is and where the blocks are, right now. I am just beginning to learn to feel it. I feel it strengthening when something important comes towards me or when I am very full of love for somebody or something, or when I am deeply grateful or in contact with God. But I cannot tell you right now about the centres etc. And I do not feel I want to concentrate on this part too much. If I continue to live up to the standards above (and maybe some more as the Eightfold Noble Path in Buddhism or whatever) as best as I can and ask for God's help I cannot fail. And then I will feel one day where my energy is going or takes me.

I can feel right now, that because the fear in my heart is gone, I can speak more clearly and talk about difficult matters much more easily. I am not nervous any more when I have a big workshop with new people (like today). And I could imagine it will help me for my next talk in front of lots of foreign people (which always felt a little frightening for me in the past). But when I think of it now I feel fine. Maybe these are signs of the energy finding its way, maybe not. I will find out, but I do not really care right now. I simply walk my path and do whatever comes next. Right now for me it is learning to live your wonderful approach and "Karezza". Next step :-).