Answer 8 - energetic flow during lovemaking

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Every spare moment, and between breaths, all I think about is this "throat chakra" stuff, and what my role is in the "group work", etc. I've had some weird dreams, I’ll have to tell you about later [NOTE: author was too busy for the moment to share any of this yet].

If you'd like to include in your summary email the excerpt from me ... that's fine. Just don't put my name. I feel very "tentative" about it though ... because I believe there is "truth" mixed with "untruth" ... even in that excerpt from me. I'm not totally "clear" yet.

[Here is the excerpt from an email that predated this polling project.]
I can (usually) easily feel the energy of my partner ... where he/she is focused (which chakra). I consciously dissolve/blend/synchronize myself (my energy) with that of my partner ... and then, I consciously coax ... raise the energy higher (vibrationally), while building it. I can do all of this with my mind and heart and spirit. I can do this while physically distant from my partner. If you had to put a label on it ... you could call it simply an intense internal visualization.

When I'm with a partner (physically), I blend/synchronize so completely, that I have flashes (in my mind) of being my partner! It's as if I'm making love to myself! That's what it "feels" like! I find myself going back and forth, sort of, swirling around, into and out of both our bodies. I know exactly what my partner needs/wants/feels/thinks ... because I find myself "to be" my partner, in instances! The difference, the separation between "me" and "him" (or "her") ... dissolve. I know myself to be the pair of us, undivided.

So, the entire experience feels quite wonderful, because, it feels so perfect. Perfect "doing", premised before by perfect anticipation, and followed afterwards by perfect unfoldment. When/if a "climax" of energy is achieved (orgasm) ... I can consciously pull/move the energy around in my/our head. I can 'flatten' and 'smooth' it. I can 'put it' (if you will), right where I want it (if my partner is not preoccupied with other things). I am not convinced that the "climatic" energy of an orgasm itself is always a 'bad thing', it is simply, usually, uncontrolled, and a violent eruption. But it doesn't have to be. Maybe it is "in most cases" ... for "most people" at this time. But, I think, it is more complex than you seem to have accounted for.

I think the energy 'ball' can 'burn out' the various centers as it travels up the spine, if those centers have not been properly/appropriately purified before hand. I think the energy can be "rarefied" to such an extent, that it will "pass through" channels that it could not before (it would have been blocked). The energy always takes "the path of least resistance". But that path ... can be consciously controlled ... like damming a river, and deliberately diverting the water into canals and to operate a water wheel for a mill. But, it must "go" somewhere.

If it travels up to a point ... and then the point is blocked (like a dam), and it keeps building up against the dam, then, at some point, the dam will break ... and that is "the release" (the orgasm) that most people identify with and are familiar with. This is what is "damaging" ... because it is undirected energy, exploding through a center that is blocked. It damages that center. Then, it takes time (a lot more than two weeks) to rehabilitate that center to proper functioning.

Just because a center is functioning "properly" doesn't meant that it is 'pure' enough for the energy to flow THROUGH it in a directed manner. Purification is key. So, next time, when the torrent of water reaches that center ... it is directed ... and the turbulent flow is consciously transformed into laminar [smooth] flow ... and directed upward (harmlessly and calmly) to the next center. The level of purification achieved at each center, defines how the flow is transformed (controlled and directed) as it flows upward along the spine. Some of the energy is "spent" spinning up each center as it flows through that center ... and 'new' energy is added at each center point. The "color" of the flow is altered and increased at each point.

So, if you're "really good" (conscious and pure) ... the energy reaches the very top of your head. All the chakras along the front of your body are "spun up" ... and that is where many people "stop" the flow ... they consciously release it into their heads. But, you see, they are only halfway there. The energy has only completed HALF of its journey. Once it reaches your head, it needs to be consciously directed back down the "back side" channel of your spine. Each chakra has a 'front' and a 'back'.

So, you consciously direct it back down. It feels "warmer" after the U-turn. It starts pulsing, and takes on the feel of a standing wave. This is when/where the expansion really begins. Before, upward, it was building, rarefying, transforming from turbulent flow to laminar ... once it starts going back down ... the 'mission' is different. Now it is expansion and flowering. Just as a bulb stores it's essence, then breaks the ground with a single shoot, and that shoot grows towards the sun, straight up ... and then, eventually flowers open at the top. It is the same with this moving energy. Once the U-turn happens, the flowering (the expansion) begins.

I cannot tell you about this too much ... because normally I stop in my head, right at the top. Obviously I have blockages preventing the energy from U-turning at the top, and going back down. I have been able to make it to my throat ... but never further (and even that is rare). My intuition tells me that if the "ball of energy" can be returned to top of the spine (after a full circuit has been completed) ... then a fundamental shift occurs.

The journey is not meant to be singular ... but pulsing, like the tides, like the sun and moon, like a wave, like breath. The physical bodies are better still. Eventually, the energy can complete many circuits, with each full circuit creating a shift in consciousness of the human being. The energy is not depleted, or "released" ... or "exploded" ... it is simply re-invested into the next circuit. The consciousness shift absorbs/uses most of the energy, so there is not much to "release" afterwards. There is no "climax" in the typically understood sense. But, it is still "an orgasm". I think using one word for "orgasm" is misleading. I think it is time to expand our vocabulary to encompass the multiplicity and multidimensionality of the act.