Answer 9 - joyful expression rather than discipline

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This is what I feel for myself: I think when I am alone and my mate is not in the vicinity, I cannot just try to ignore my groin, which has energy that wants to move, nor when I am with him and the energy wants to move even more. I cannot depend only on controlling orgasm and such self-discipline, which requires work.

Instead I can see it now as moving the energy to open my fifth chakra, which means I can sing my sexual urges away, I can write them away, I can speak into my tape recorder to send them away, I can do different art pieces to send them away. I can visualize the opening of my throat to chant, sing and channel spirit. I can see a bridge between my heart and my throat so that only truth is spoken. I can see that I can be the oracle I desire by using that "groin-ular" energy and bringing it up to serve me in my channels with God and for God. I can use my sexuality to serve the Planet, to serve God, by seeing it as a way to speak Truth into the planet and beautify it with my creativity.

This will ease the concept of strict self-discipline because I will see the FUN of extremely expressed creativity with Higher Mind and Truth, and that will also help my pocket book. So, see, it helps the self-discipline aspect very much and helps me ease into "holding my seed forever." I know that when I sing and chant I get to ecstasy - and it lasts much longer than an orgasm. When I write a great poem - it also puts me in ecstasy and also lasts longer than an orgasm.

I wish orgasms had not been created - so that all relationships just were harmonious all of the time and I could have my fantasy come true and not have to self-discipline myself into hyper-control when I want my hair loosened. (And it would also help population control!)