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How Do I Forgive My Mate for Past Porn Use?

Would you rather be right...or happy?

You discovered your mate was using porn. All hell broke loose, and your mate cleaned up his act and isn't using it anymore. But when you think about this episode, you're still feeling resentful and self-righteous. You regard his past behavior as infidelity, and it makes you angry every time you think of it.

Here's a note from a recovered husband:

Women, Porn and Self-esteem

offeringHow do you cope with the feelings that come up when a mate has put on his "porn spectacles," and you feel his perception shift? Perhaps you notice that he looks at you and other women differently than he did before. Perhaps you notice that he avoids making eye contact. Perhaps you resent the hours spent on his computer and his defensiveness when you attempt to discuss it. Perhaps you sense that he is fantasizing while you're making love. Perhaps he wants to try things in bed that you find distasteful.