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I feel like the story of our transition into karezza is about told

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Lovers on a beach[Excerpt from a site member's blog] Now finally home, this morning we awake early, and she suggests an early morning date in lieu of the Thursday missed on the plane home. This turns out to be a lovely long session, with lots of pillow talk and reminiscing, and about 6 or 8 of our favorite positions, lol. As well as the trip we also review the last 20 weeks on our karezza journey and we are unanimous at the miracle that has quietly but steadily sneaked into our lives and relationship. But there remains a sense of semi-disbelief that something so simple could be so effective.

Karezza for Singles

woman kissing a manWant to share this concept with someone without directing them to this site? This piece is also published here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marnia-robinson/karezza-for-singles_b_714003.html

After spending eight months in Asia studying abroad and holding strong boundaries, I came back to the States ready for MEN!

Gorgeous men abound here, and I had no trouble connecting with several lovers in the first few months. After many years of being stuck in the orgasm cycle, I was tired of it. I wondered how would Karezza (being sexually intimate without orgasm) work for singles?

The gift of Karezza

LoversT and my Karezza practice has deepened. We've had to go through some frustration, some orgasms, some fighting, and then healing. But each step of the way has been really healing for both of us. It's funny how you don't really "know" what something is until you "do."

It will take several runs at the fence to find your leap

unionIt has been five years now of experimenting with Peace karezza in our 18-year relationship. At first my wife resented me taking away her pleasure. So I said, OK let's play with it and see what happens. Two years ago we were on the verge of divorce after having gone back entirely to standard western fucking. Then I restarted the program again in spite of resentment blocks. Staying married also depended upon taking vows very seriously and surrendering to the Universe.

Experiments with avoiding orgasm (and/or porn)

I haven't said how much finding this website really means to me. It's hard to put into words anyway, but Marnia and Gary should still know it's not something I'd just take for granted. Quite frankly, it's new hope. For months I went through these phony religious and semi-religious websites (God doesn't want you to look at porn!; Pray and you shall be set free!; Connections between porn industry and sex crime rate are either evident or not; The Devil puts porn into your head and you'll turn into a serial killer now; 12-step program to become a gutless eunuch; etc; etc).

Our bodies and minds were healed in a profound way

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loversI am in my 20’s and live in Colombia. Your site has clarified a lot of doubts for me. Let me explain my story. When I was 18, I had a girlfriend with whom I began practicing controlled intercourse. We had passed through a religious group similar to Samael Aun Weor's, and although we learned a lot, we felt that the vision of doom related to sex was too harsh. Anyway, we practiced without even knowing techniques, just by intuition.

Without realizing it we found our bodies and minds were healed in a profound way. Later, we found that a LOT of books were teaching something similar to what we experienced, and that those techniques were more common than we thought. That was when confusion came through the door: too many definitions of something that's very personal. They were talking about orgasms without ejaculation and things that seemed different to what we had experienced, and aimed to have more physical pleasure. We broke up and things changed a lot for both of us - for the worse.

I lost myself in this new feeling

happy loversI found tantric, non-orgasmic love "by accident." For some time I had had awful, long-lasting headaches after orgasm and decided that, rather than abstaining from sex, I would enjoy massaging and giving pleasure to my wife and try to have as much pleasure myself from that as I could, hoping not to go crazy with frustration.

It's beautiful, magic, juicy, yummy!

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Tonight will be the eighth or ninth exchange. I am very very happy to say we are bonding in such a sweet way my feet are not quite reaching the ground during the day.. From my perception we are experiencing love and intimacy.. It's beautiful, magic, juicy, yummy! There is a huge difference from when we were going at it like rabbits. Just the way she hugs and touches me. Personally I have always believed that I am capable of being in an inspiring relationship.... I think it was really worth the wait for this opportunity. (Male reader)

I'm less impulsive

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impulsiveMy partner and I have been practising this new approach to love making for over a year now. There are the occasional slips which set off scary mood swings and and a desire in me to bolt. My partner becomes more taciturn and more addictive in his behaviour.

What I notice in particular is how much less impulsive I am in my behaviour over all, and more rational and realistic. For instance, during the sales season, I used to always find myself buying an expensive coat or evening dress I could not really afford, fantasising that by wearing it I was going to impress people who would be interviewing me or meeting me.So often the job or situation didn't materialise and I'd be left with an overdraft and several items of pretty but useless clothes in my wardrobe.I also used to feel stuck in my job because I could not afford to leave it.