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Feeling anxious? Not sure why? Wondering about your next step?

Use this tool to contact your inner wisdom. Each time you visit (or refresh) this page messages will appear in response to the questions below. Use the randomly-generated messages to gain insight into how you could approach something differently, or see a situation with greater understanding.

Meds 'Made Him Gay'

meds symbol on DaVinci image of manHigh levels of dopamine can warp perception in all kinds of ways. This man's experience suggests that even sexual orientation can be distorted. For more on the potential dangers of drugs that mimic dopamine see "Super Size Orgasms?"

Parkinson's drugs 'made me gambler, thief and gay sex fiend'

A French court is set to award substantial damages to a 47-year-old father-of-two with Parkinson's disease who was ruled to have been turned into a gambler and thief, with compulsive homosexual urges, by the drugs he was being treated with.


homeopathic remedyHomeopathy is a holistic approach to healing that is unique for each client. It signals the body to focus its healing powers on particular symptoms, and it does not interfere with the effects of pharmaceuticals.