The Effect of Mating Urges

chaosHere's an intriguing look at how men and women show off for potential mates. Men spend conspicuously; women sacrifice their time. Yet what we find most intriguing is how sexual excitement appears to affect judgment adversely, making extravagance and exhaustion seem appropriate. When dopamine is too high or too low, it alters our judgment.

Is There a Problem with Porn? (Part 1)

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old brain - new brainSuppose you're really hungry, but it's almost time to leave for your basketball game. What are you going to do? Answer: you're going to listen to either the old part of your brain or the new part. The old brain is saying, “You're hungry, go eat.” But the new brain is saying, “Sure you're hungry, but it would be smarter to eat after the game so you don't throw up.”

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Questions and Answers


Is intercourse during pregnancy permissible?


Yes, until about four weeks before the beginning of labor pains, if the sex union is performed very carefully in the recommended position and with clean sex organs. During the

first four months of pregnancy every intercourse should be avoided during the weeks in which the wife would have had her menstrual period had she not become pregnant. Miscarriages usually occur during this period.

Chapter 1: Introduction

MANY MEN believe that they know how to satisfy their sex instincts and do not need to be told what to do or what to avoid. In their opinion, most of the failures in their sex relations are due to the unsatisfactory sex response of their mates. "Whenever I have told a man holding this belief, "It is your task and your duty to cope with this situation and to break down the possibly neurotic resistance in your wife," he has usually left my office in indignation, never to return; for nothing so offends an immature adult as not to be regarded as an expert in sex. To him, possessing great potency-which he may have-is synonymous with being a good lover. Feeling humiliated in the eyes of his wife, he is in search of a psychologist who will place the entire blame for their lack of sexual satisfaction on her frigidity. Usually a man of this sort does not even know what he is missing. With the pleasure of his ejaculation he reaches his desired goal, forfeiting that part of the sex experience which produces the greatest rapture and happiness.