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"I Love Her But the Sex Has Died": The Brain Chemical That Can Kill Libido in Long-Term Relationships

distant coupleFrom an anonymous male, aged 40+

I have been in several very loving, amorous, “serious” relationships as an adult, none frivolous and none (at least on a conscious level – who the hell knows what’s going on with me subconsiously) with the intention of being short-term. Inevitably, however, my sexual attraction for my partner wanes to the point where we become virtually non-sexual.

Why It’s A Good Thing That Men Are Reflecting About Masturbation

“I’m resetting my dick and my brain,” said Greg Barris of his decision to give up porn, sex and masturbation. Barris is one of the men featured in New York magazine’s piece about the male anti-masturbation movement. According to the piece, a number of men are reflecting on their masturbation habits — even abstaining from “fapping” altogether in order to be able to perform better with women and to be better men in general.

Be Mine Forever: Oxytocin May Help Build Long-Lasting Love

The hormone oxytocin increases empathy and communication, key to sustaining a relationship between mates

Two locks on a fence with a heart on each.If cupid had studied neuroscience, he’d know to aim his arrows at the brain rather than the heart. Recent research suggests that for love to last, it’s best he dip those arrows in oxytocin. Although scientists have long known that this hormone is essential for monogamous rodents to stay true to their mates, and that it makes humans more trusting toward one another, they are now finding that it is also crucial to how we form and maintain romantic relationships.

A handful of new studies show that oxytocin makes us more sympathetic, supportive and open with our feelings—all necessary for couples to celebrate not just one Valentine’s Day, but many. These findings have led some researchers to investigate whether oxytocin can be used in couple therapy.

Prolonged Use Of The 'Cuddle Hormone' Can Lead To Anti-Social Behavior

couple huggingThis article demonstrates how risky it is to assume humans can manipulate their hormonal balance externally and expect good results. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone, and it makes sense that squirting it into the brain via the nose is a bad idea over time. For years, experiments have been pointing in this direction, but lately, a rash of experts have been ignoring the implications of earlier distasters stemming from long-term administration of oxytocin. Finally, this team did a much needed experiment on long-term effects of oxytocin administration. NOTE: Bonding behaviors allow your brain and body to produce oxytocin just where it's needed, without flooding receptors elsewhere in the manner of a nasal spray.

'Proof' Jesus was married found on ancient papyrus that mentions how son of God spoke of his wife and Mary Magdalene

By Damien Gayle

A recently uncovered fragment of ancient papyrus makes the explosive suggestion that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were man and wife, researchers say.

The 8cm by 4cm fragment supports an undercurrent in Christian thought that undermines centuries of Church dogma by suggesting the Christian Messiah was not celibate.

Can giving up sex improve your love life? Devotees insist 'sex free' love-making can revive tired marriages. SHONA SIBARY and her husband gave it a try

Hands off! Karezza is from the Italian meaning of 'caress'NOTE: Obviously, Shona didn't realize that "bonding behaviors" are not karezza. Hopefully she'll figure out that karezza calls for intercourse!

After 13 years of marriage to my husband Keith, it’s fair to say that our once-active sex life has become a little sluggish. Recently, my libido seems to have given up the ghost, and too many nights are spent sleeping back-to-back in huffy silence. So when I asked Keith how he felt about testing out a revolutionary new sexual technique called ‘Karezza’ that I’d read about on the internet, he could not have responded more positively. In fact, he was so enthusiastic that I didn’t have the heart to tell him that a key part of this sexual technique was…er…not having sex — something we were already pretty expert at.