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Why Desire Drives Us Wild

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Red CannaWe have often wished we could explain to the makers of the imminent sexual enhancement drugs why such drugs are likely to create bigger problems than they solve. Increasing desire in the short-term doesn't automatically increase satisfaction. Here's an article from Discovery News about research that explains why desire doesn't equate with pleasure - and how this leaves us vulnerable to addiction.

Relationships and Society

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Author explores why girls hook up to culture of 'uncaring'

In 1998, Washington Post reporter Laura Sessions Stepp learned about a sex ring at a Washington, D.C., middle school in which a dozen girls were regularly performing oral sex on two or three boys. That set her off on a journalistic search of the secret sexual lives of adolescents.

She stumbled upon "hooking up," rampant in high schools and colleges, and even in some middle schools.

Romance Genes


Could Cupid's arrow be laced with secret instructions for decoding someone's DNA? As this ScienCentral News video reports, researchers have found a connection between romance, genetics, and even a couple's sex life.

Opposite Attraction

Love is a mysterious thing and never easily explained. Now an evolutionary psychologist has shown that true romance requires a special kind of chemistry. Literally.

"I think that these findings really get at one of Cupid's tricks," says Christine Garver-Apgar of the University of New Mexico. "We don't know all of his tricks but this study is one of the first studies that gives us a specific mechanism to define romantic chemistry. It tells us what it is about two individuals that just makes two people crazy about each other."

An Affair Of the Head

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They Say Love Is All About Brain Chemistry. Will You Be Dopamine?

It's all about dopamine, baby, this One Great True Love, this passionate thing we'd burn down the house and blow up the car and drive from Houston to Orlando just to taste on the tip of the tongue.

You crave it because your brain tells you to. Because if a wet kiss on the suprasternal notch -- while, say, your lover has you pinned against a wall in the corner of a dance club -- doesn't fire up the ventral tegmentum in the Motel 6 of your mind, well, he's not going to send you roses tomorrow.

Dopamine and Oxytocin

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argumentDopamine and oxytocin are both needed for bonding. In this research, the link between the two is made clearer than ever. Dopamine induces the release of oxytocin in the reward circuit, and reinforces sexual activity (stimulates erections in rats).

[Advantages of Intercourse over Other Sex]

Sex missionary under fire


by Gillian Bowditch

Sex is good for you. It doesn’t sound like a controversial assertion, but work by Professor Stuart Brody, one of Britain’s leading "sexperts", on the physiological and psychological effects of sexual intercourse has sent the radical left into a lather and has led him to fear political correctness is in danger of stifling academic research in Britain.

Brody is the American-born professor of psychology at Paisley University. At the heart of his thesis is the claim that one kind of sex - penile-vaginal intercourse (PVI) or, in tabloid parlance, a good old-fashioned "bonk" - is better than any other. According to Brody, no other form of sexual activity conveys the same benefits. If he is correct, his work has profound implications for the way sex education is taught in Britain and how sex therapy is practised.

The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm

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Daoist and Tantric Sexual Cultivation in the West

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by Michael Winn

Sexual love can be one of the most powerful human experiences. Over the past two thousand years, certain Daoist and Tantric cultures sought to tap the power of sexuality to cultivate elevated spiritual states of awareness and achieve immortality. These practices appear to have originated in China and India and later spread to Tibet and elsewhere in Asia. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to life, and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sexual practices that range from ritualized physical sexual intercourse to celibacy accompanied by conscious subtle-body love making. (Bokemkamp, 1997, 43; Wile 1992, 25, White, 2000, 15).

A Real Sugar High?

Sugar addiction cakeis more than a trite expression people use to describe their sweet tooth. A pattern of fasting and overloading on sugary foods may foster dependence, according to a study published in Obesity Research.


Mr. TestosteroneThis is a fascinating radio program, featuring four interviews on the subject of the effects of testosterone.

Our favorite is Part 2, an interview with a former arch-feminist lesbian who took massive quantities of testosterone in connection with a sex-change operation...and found her new self checking out women in a most un-feminist fashion.

This piece is sure to comfort any testosterone sufferers, and evoke compassion in their loved ones.