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Chapter 5: The Six Rules of Sex Intercourse - Part 2


The conclusion the author drew after the experiments of the Arabian couple received corroboration, though it cannot be called proof, from a second source, the author's observation of certain sex practices of native tribes.

The South Sea Islanders rub their infants with their hands for hours to keep them pacified. Most of the mothers carry their babies on their naked backs while they work and the babies are happy and relaxed. What makes them happy? Is it not probable that it has something to do with the bodily con tact and the relaxing equilibration it provides for the infant's tension? Every mother knows that a crying baby can be appeased by laying it on her breast, even without giving it milk.

Chapter 5: The Six Rules of Sex Intercourse - Part 1

THIS CHAPTER gives the quintessence of more than thirty years' experience. It is the most important part of this book. Success in marriage can depend upon a knowledge of it; ignorance of it can lead to failure, with all its consequences: broken homes, emotional disturbances, juvenile delinquency, disease and crime.

For thirty years the author has hesitated to publish his findings because he could not prove them scientifically, even though they worked perfectly in practice. Now, encouraged by some new contributions to the problems of love and sex offered by the science of physics, he is emboldened to present certain experiences to his readers, incredible though they may sound.

Chapter 5: The Six Rules of Sex Intercourse - Part 4


A period of love play involving caressing and kissing should precede the sex act. During this prelude there should be no impediment to full skin contact, and the man should seek by gentle caresses to concentrate his wife's sensations in her vagina (avoiding the clitoris completely)

and to render the vagina thoroughly moist. The reason the vagina must be moist is not just to facilitate entrance of the penis, but also because water is a good conductor of electricity. Their two different potentials of bio-electricity cannot equalize each other through a dry vagina, the chief cause of frigidity.

Chapter 4: The Problem of Masturbation

MASTURBATION CANNOT be regarded as a perversion.

According to estimates made by investigators in this field, masturbation is practiced by 90 per cent of children all over the world; it is also practiced, more or less occasionally, by about 70 per cent of adults - a group which includes both married couples and elderly persons. Most of the remaining 10 per cent of the children who have never masturbated turn out to be neurotics, perverts or sufferers from impotence or frigidity.

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IN FEBRUARY, 1916, I was in Damascus, Syria, and had just finished lunch with some Turkish officers at the Hotel Victoria when I was informed that a young man wished to see me. On entering the lobby I recognized a former patient who, when he heard I was at the hotel, sought my advice regarding a series of seemingly incredible events.

Sex Perfection and Marital Happiness (excerpts)

Cover of Sex Perfection and Marital HappinessSex Perfection and Marital Happiness, published in 1949 by psychiatrist Rudolf von Urban MD, is a collection of case studies and other materials about "a new conception of the mechanism of sexual intercourse." In it von Urban describes the benefits of the bio-energetic flow of energy between partners who prolong intercourse by delaying orgasm. He also offers his six rules for human sex relations.

Islamic Sources

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The Qur’an

"God made man and woman to complete each other, as the day completes the night."--The Prophet

The goal is not physical pleasure; but a psycho-spiritual union where both man and woman become 'garments' for each other as the Holy Quran states. Become One; and know thy Lord.

"Marriage is half of your religion."

"According to the God’s Messenger sex between married couple is not any lecherous attitude but is a ’sadaqa’ - worship through giving. This is something which raises human beings above the animal level.

Native American Sources

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Myth

White Buffalo Calf WomanBuffalo stretched to the horizon across the grassy hills. Two brothers were walking towards them. As they walked they saw within the herd a white buffalo calf, something neither one of them had seen before. While they watched it, it began to raise itself up and as it did, its appearance became human.