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Chapter 4: The Problem of Masturbation

MASTURBATION CANNOT be regarded as a perversion.

According to estimates made by investigators in this field, masturbation is practiced by 90 per cent of children all over the world; it is also practiced, more or less occasionally, by about 70 per cent of adults - a group which includes both married couples and elderly persons. Most of the remaining 10 per cent of the children who have never masturbated turn out to be neurotics, perverts or sufferers from impotence or frigidity.

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IN FEBRUARY, 1916, I was in Damascus, Syria, and had just finished lunch with some Turkish officers at the Hotel Victoria when I was informed that a young man wished to see me. On entering the lobby I recognized a former patient who, when he heard I was at the hotel, sought my advice regarding a series of seemingly incredible events.

Sex Perfection and Marital Happiness (excerpts)

Cover of Sex Perfection and Marital HappinessSex Perfection and Marital Happiness, published in 1949 by psychiatrist Rudolf von Urban MD, is a collection of case studies and other materials about "a new conception of the mechanism of sexual intercourse." In it von Urban describes the benefits of the bio-energetic flow of energy between partners who prolong intercourse by delaying orgasm. He also offers his six rules for human sex relations.

Islamic Sources

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The Qur’an

"God made man and woman to complete each other, as the day completes the night."--The Prophet

The goal is not physical pleasure; but a psycho-spiritual union where both man and woman become 'garments' for each other as the Holy Quran states. Become One; and know thy Lord.

"Marriage is half of your religion."

"According to the God’s Messenger sex between married couple is not any lecherous attitude but is a ’sadaqa’ - worship through giving. This is something which raises human beings above the animal level.

Native American Sources

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White Buffalo Calf Woman Myth

White Buffalo Calf WomanBuffalo stretched to the horizon across the grassy hills. Two brothers were walking towards them. As they walked they saw within the herd a white buffalo calf, something neither one of them had seen before. While they watched it, it began to raise itself up and as it did, its appearance became human.

Excerpts from A Compilation on Sex

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Transmutation of sexual energy requires regulation of sexual desire

by Alice A. Bailey[3]

...In no department of life will these coming great changes show more potently than in the attitude of man towards sex, and in the readjustment of the marriage relationship. This new attitude will gradually come about as the slowly developing science of psychology comes into its own. As man comes to understand his own threefold nature, and as the nature of consciousness and the depth of his own subconscious life are more truly grasped, there will take place, gradually and automatically, a change in the attitude of men towards women and of women towards their destiny. This needed change ... will come slowly, as the result of the intelligent interest of the next three generations. Alice A. Bailey The young people now coming into incarnation, and those who will come during the next century, will prove themselves well equipped to handle this problem of sex, because they can see more clearly than the older generation, and will think in wider and larger terms than is common today. They will be more group conscious and less individualistic and selfish; they will be more interested in new ideas than in the ancient theologies, and will be freer from prejudice and less intolerant than are the bulk of the well-meaning people of today....

Excerpts from Thinking and Destiny

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Original Sin and Procreation

by Harold Waldwin Percival[1]

Van der Goes painting of Adam and a pregnant Eve1. The Story of Original Sin

The story of original sin is not without basis; it is a fable which conceals some true traditions. One of these has to do with the procreation of the bodies of human beings....The naive story covers a history of disquieting results.
The use of the procreative power was the "original sin." The result following the procreative act was to give to the human race the tendency to unlawful procreation; and this tendency was one of the means of bringing on ignorance and death in the world.

Excerpts from the Edgar Cayce Readings

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Mankind must overcome biological sex through union in order to awaken

Edgar Cayce

Cayce enthusiasts may also find this article of interest.

In the early part of this century a gifted channel, Edgar Cayce, picked up echoes of the deeper mystery that lies in true union of the sexes. His readings explain that Adam was as androgynous as his Creator prior to the split into sexes. Thereafter Adam was left with his male polarity while Eve inherited the female charge. This "electrical" imbalance furnishes a path to enlightenment when employed for that end. R.W. Krajenke, commenting on Cayce's work, summarized this insight as follows: