"Stay Happily Married" podcast

Overcoming The Monogamy Challenge


Has your sex life become so dissatisfying that you feel restless with your marriage, or even resentful of your spouse?

Marnia Robinson joins us to take a look at the science behind why steamy romance is destined to fade, what that means for the future of marriage, as well as to share some of her 31 tips for reengaging sexually with your spouse.

Seasonal Celibacy

Scott blossom speaks on male sexuality and brahmacarya

Interview by Lisa Maria

A Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner and yoga therapist, Scott Blossom holds a degree in biology and has extensively studied anatomy, physiology, and Ayurveda with Dr. Robert Svoboda. Scott travels and writes extensively, teaching yoga and Ayurveda with his wife of seven years, Chandra Easton.

Emperor's Tantric Robes

An Interview with June Campbell on Codes of Secrecy and Silence

Cover of 'Traveler in Space'An idealistic young Scottish woman goes East to study Buddhism. Twenty-five years later she delivers a radical and unsparing critique of religious structures in Tibet. How much of this system is taking root in West? And how much of it do we really want? June Campbell studied Tibetan Buddhism in monasteries in India in the early 1970's. Subsequently she traveled throughout India, Europe, and North America as a translator and interpreter for various Tibetan lamas. Her book Traveler in Space examines the patriarchy of Tibet's political, religious, and social structures, and the real and symbolic role of women in Tibetan society. Today Ms. Campbell teaches women's studies and religious studies in Edinburgh. This interview was conducted by Helen Tworkhov in New York in June 1996. All text in tinted boxes is excerpted from Traveler in Space, available in the United States from George Braziller, Inc.