Shakespeare's Sonnet 129

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by William Shakespeare

Th’expense of spirit in a waste of shame
Is lust in action; and, till action, lust
aftermath of sexIs perjured, murd’rous, bloody, full of blame,
Savage, extreme, rude, cruel, not to trust;

Enjoyed no sooner but despised straight;
Past reason hunted, and no sooner had,
Past reason hated as a swallowed bait
On purpose laid to make the taker mad;

Man & Woman

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by Victor Hugo

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'Amore' paintingMan is the most elevated of creatures,
Woman the most sublime of ideals.
God made for man a throne; for woman an altar.
The throne exalts, the altar sanctifies.
Man is the brain,
Woman, the heart.
The brain creates light, the heart, love.
Light engenders, love resurrects.

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English translation

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"Contents" and "Introduction" of Peace Between the Sheets


Peace Between the Sheets cover


"If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It" 2
"But Sex with Orgasm Is Normal" 3
"You Just Have to Find the Right Person" 6
Peace Between the Sheets 7

Part I : Why


Getting Hooked on Avoiding Orgasm 15
Tell Me It Isn’t True 17
The Hidden Hangover 19
The Writing on the Wall 23
Summary 24