July, 2005 Humor

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Danier Leather Video

enticing look This Danier Leather video is older, but very funny.

Courtship Humor from Days Gone By

Man: I’ll be frank with you. You’re not the first girl I’ve ever kissed.
Woman: And I’ll be frank with you. You have a lot to learn.

Man: I wonder why women pay more attention to beauty than they do to brains.:


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Laughing at the Gender Gap

misunderstandng The gender gap is a painful phenomenon, but laughing at it can be good medicine. In a sense, the mating mechanism in the primitive brain has played a joke on all of humanity. The results are ugly, but the cause itself is more a reason for laughter than alarm.

Feel free to contribute your favorite gender gap humor. We add new material every month.

French translation

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French translation of "Contents" and "Introduction" of Peace Between the Sheets


J'ai un aveu a vous faire: J'aime un autre harem.


"Tant que ça marche, n'y touchons-pas"
"Mais relation sexuelle et orgasme, c'est normal"
"Il suffit de trouver la bonne personne"
La paix entre les draps

Première partie: POURQUOI

Chapitre 1 Pourquoi ne pouvons-nous rester amoureux?

Je m'acharne à éviter l'orgasme
Dites-moi que ce n'est pas vrai

About the Author

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In a sense there are two authors of this website and the related books: Gary Wilson and Marnia Robinson. They are a husband/wife team living in southern Oregon.

Marnia (with degrees from Brown and Yale) is a former corporate lawyer who left her career to investigate how ancient sacred-sex prescriptions can heal the widespread disharmony in intimate relationships. Her last conventional job took her to Europe as "Director of Legal Services - Europe" for Campbell Soup Company. Since 1990 she has been unearthing clues about healing the alienation between male and female.


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Next public appearance

December 10-12, Cambridge, England

Marnia will be speaking at Lucy Cavendish College, in Cambridge, England at a conference Suicide Bombers- the psychological, religious and other imperatives.