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Under a canopy of midnight velvet,Angel Oak
sacred oaks stand sentinel.
The naked earth is our bed.
In the sanctuary of your embrace
lies the home of my heart.
I float in the dark waters of your eyes,
lulled by the drumbeat in your chest,
drunk on your honeyed lips
and the warmth of your skin against mine.
You breathe my breath, I taste your tears,
we two become one.
The stars spiral within us
until they cannot be contained,
then blaze through the sky like a dragon's flame.

Transorgasmic Sex

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Huelmo, ChileDear Marnia,

I'm Francisco Moreno and I live in Santiago de Chile (South America). Firstly I want to congratulate you for your page. It's one of the best I've found on the web. I was seeking a page where the sexual subject was approached with the perspective of a no-orgasmic model.

Creativity and the Second Chakra

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Dear Marnia,

greeting card, by LaraIt is known that the second chakra pertains to both sexuality and creativity. I believe we have a choice: to live a life full of brilliant, creative expression or to waste our creative expression on the expenditure of sexual energy through orgasm creating an unhealthy neurochemical addiction to dopamine [highs].

Being in our power, means being in our own unique creative expression. We are living in a society that supports sexuality more than it does creative expression.

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Comments about Peace Between the Sheets

When I read your book, my whole life came into perspective ! I realized that what is described there is exactly what I had spontaneously with a man when I was younger, i.e. sexual relationships without orgasm and with a very delicious merging feeling. It was a very simple way of making love, so incredibly good! I never lived with this man but we were extremely close, but after several years I left him because he didn't want to give me a child ! Talk about procreation programming!