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By being a member of this forum, you have the possibility to contact other members privately.

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Seasonal Celibacy

by lisa maria

scott blossom speaks on male sexuality and brahmacarya

A Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner and yoga therapist, Scott Blossom holds a degree in biology and has extensively studied anatomy, physiology, and Ayurveda with Dr. Robert Svoboda. Scott travels and writes extensively, teaching yoga and Ayurveda with his wife of seven years, Chandra Easton.

Noyes on masturbation (c.1850)

From MALE CONTINENCE by John Humphrey Noyes

[Noyes practiced non-ejaculatory sex for over 25 years, as part of a community founded on that principle. Ejaculatory sex was reserved for deliberate procreation.]

It is seriously believed by many that nature requires a periodical and somewhat frequent discharge of the seed, and that the retention of it is liable to be injurious. Even if this were true, it would be no argument against Male Continence [making love without ejaculation], but rather an argument in favor of masturbation; for it is obvious that before marriage men have no lawful method of discharge but masturbation; and after marriage it is as foolish and cruel to expend one's seed on a wife merely for the sake of getting rid of it, as it would be to fire a gun at one's best friend merely for the sake of unloading it. If a blunderbuss must be emptied, and the charge cannot be drawn, it is better to fire into the air than to kill somebody with it.

Bonding Behaviors - Exchange of the Day

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Submitted by Marnia on

“All that we can surmise of humankind's genetic history argues for a more liberal sexual morality, in which sexual practices are to be regarded first as bonding devices and only second as a means for procreation.” ~ E.O. Wilson

Bonding Behaviors

hug-the-cat signWant to bond more deeply with your lover? Use these behaviors to speak directly to the only part of your brains that can fall in love, or stay in love. The desire for, and rewards of, these behaviors are deeply rooted in millions of year of evolution. Enjoy!