Secular Traditions

Secular writings containing insights related to sexual alchemy, such as "Karezza," "Male Continence," "Sex, Perfection & Marriage," "The Kreutzer Sonata," and so forth

David Deida - Intimate Communion excerpts

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Excerpts from Intimate Communion

by David Deida[1]

For the Masculine, death and sex are inextricably interwoven; that is, good sex is mind-blowing, self-obliterating, so ecstatic and loving that no shred of self-containment remains intact. sex and death Instead, the boundaries of self are melted in the heat and light of desire expanded into love beyond limits. It is this ecstatic loss of self I am referring to when I say that sex involves the desire for death: the death of self into ecstasy and love. This form of whole-bodied self-yielding into the force of radiant love is far more blissful than the spasmodic release of physiological tension that an orgasm affords.

"Male Continence" - Noyes and the Oneida Experiment

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"To Bring about a True Union of the Sexes"

The second half of the 1800's saw the rise and fall of a surprisingly successful - and once notorious - social experiment. In 1848 the Oneida community commenced operations in upstate New York. It grew to 250 men and women before its conversion, in 1881, to a joint stock company that still operates today. For a video glimpse of the community's mansion house click here.