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TANTRA: The Secret Power of Sex (excerpts)

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Shiva and ShaktiA site member shared an older text from India on the subject of Tantra: TANTRA: The Secret Power of Sex by Arvind and Shanta Kale.

The material is interesting, not only because it echoes a lot of the tips about karezza: attunement between lovers, effortlessness, and so forth, but also because it gives a description of some of the altered states that lovers encounter while "floating."

Seasonal Celibacy

Scott blossom speaks on male sexuality and brahmacarya

Interview by Lisa Maria

A Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner and yoga therapist, Scott Blossom holds a degree in biology and has extensively studied anatomy, physiology, and Ayurveda with Dr. Robert Svoboda. Scott travels and writes extensively, teaching yoga and Ayurveda with his wife of seven years, Chandra Easton.

Excerpts from AGHORA: At the Left Hand of God

by Robert. E. Svoboda1

Humans...believe that through sex they are creating a child. Why should they want a child? They just want someone to reproduce their own attributes [genes], someone who will appreciate and love them.....Real creation becomes possible only when they become aware of that impulse and transcend it....

For creation you must use the semen in a different way than you use it for procreation. Semen is that substance in the male body which has the ability to create. Only procreation is possible if it is expelled from the body, ejaculated during the sex act. If it is retained within the body, stored instead of being wasted, then real creation becomes possible through ojas. Ojas is the source of the body's metabolic energy...

  • 1. AGHORA: At the Left Hand of God, by Robert. E. Svoboda, Brotherhood of Life (1986)

Orgasm and the Pursuit of Bliss

by Georg Feuerstein

The peril of selfishness in popularized Tantrism is most readily apparent in the attitude of some Neo-Tantrics toward orgasm. Contrary to the opinion of the late Swami Agehananda Bharati (an Austrian-born American professor of anthropology), both Buddhist and Hindu Tantrism generally enjoin on male practitioners to arrest the semen together with the breath and the mind. In other words, orgasm is not part of the Tantric repertoire. As the Buddhist Tantras put it: the "enlightenment mind" (bodhi-citta) must not be discharged. That is to say, the semen is equated with the impulse toward enlightenment. Orgasm does not lead to bliss, merely to pleasurable sensations. The earnest practitioner must bypass orgasm....

Excerpts from Talk on "Transmuting Sexual Energy"

by Swami Satyananda Saraswati

There are two paths, the path of Viagra, and the path of Vairagya; they’re very closely associated, just equal and opposite. Of course, the path of Viagra is the path of stimulation and external expression, and the path of Vairagya is the path that goes inside. Vai means without, and raga means passion. And a vairagi is a kind of sanyasi in the Vaishnava lineage. He is one who is free from passion. Also raga means activity. So vairagya means reducing our attachment to activity. So we’re interested , presumably, in the path of vairagya, in the path of freeing ourselves from passion, and freeing ourselves from activity.

Women and orgasm

[From Advanced Yoga Practices Forum]

Q: What can I do if the Goddess cannot withhold orgasm during connection?

A: You may find the following interchange helpful. Bottom line: All in her own time...

Q1: First I would like to thank you for your wonderfully organized and informational website. Your thoughts and teachings are easy to understand and very consistent, without using so much traditional language as to be confusing.

Me and my wife have found tantric techniques to bring great pleasure into our lives. For almost two years, we have been using the holdback technique as well as yoni massage and sacred spot massage to create a deeper and stronger bond during our sexual experiences. I truly enjoy staying in front of my orgasm and worshipping her as a divine goddess while she enjoys incredible multiple orgasms. Our union is so strong, it is as if we are one being in total bliss. We do not so much feel a sense of pranic drain from her orgasm, but more of a sense of total and complete mutual satisfaction due to our close coupling. Is there anything wrong with following a path where the man stays in front of his orgasm so that both lovers can enjoy the greatly increased capacity for orgasm in her?

How Shiva Got His Groove Back

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Pavarti and ShivaThe Hindu legend of Parvati, who is the primary personification of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu tradition, paints a fuller picture of the true spiritual depth underlying Tantra than we usually see in the West. It also points to a more vital, disciplined and profound role for women who feel drawn to the Tantric path known as the "left-hand path." (The "left-hand path" incorporates sexual union rather than requiring celibacy.)

The tale began with the cosmos in an uproar because Lord Shiva, the Hindu tradition’s chief male deity ("The Auspicious") was in a profound sulk. The other gods had dismembered and scattered the corpse of his first wife (who had brought about her own death after her father insulted Shiva) in an effort to stop his destructive mourning. Utterly disheartened, he renounced the world and resumed his life as an ascetic in the remote Himalayas. Without a living Shakti (manifest Divinity) to balance his Transcendent Divinity, he lost the desire to act in the world.

Classic Tantra-History and Concepts

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"Transforming the Fire of Lust"

Fire of Lust The term "tantra" can create more confusion than clarity. First, there exist both a celibate tantric tradition known as "the right-hand path" and a sexual tantra tradition known as the "left-hand path." Second, there exist both a Tibetan Buddhist tantra and the classic Hindu tantra. Finally, even within the category of classic tantra, streams diverge...and have shifted with time.